Tonwoche № 323 (1936)

Newsreel №63846, 1 part, duration: 0:11:46, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The victory of Roosevelt in the elections.

People run to the balcony of the house, where the President, greet him.

The speech of Roosevelt in the hall.


The construction of the bridge for 5 minutes.

English maneuvers of ground troops.

The tip of the bridge across the river.

Soldiers bear arms bridge spans the river, leading him to the opposite shore, crossing the finished bridge.

With boats releasing a smokescreen.

The soldiers deeper into the forest.

USA. Blasting for regulation of rivers.

Workers hammered into the bottom of the hollow tube, filled with explosives, produced test explosions.

Meeting the famous German racing drivers of Rosemeyer and Hans Thing with the workers of the automobile plant in Chemnitz.

Racers evade the workers, shake hands.

Exhibition of products of the plant.

Racers new racing cars traveling through the city, accompanied by motorcyclists.


Fire drill on Board the ocean steamship "Scharnhorst" of the company North German Lloyd.

Alarm sailors run on deck, wearing life jackets, launched the boat, rowing from the ship.

Firefighters pulled hoses, filled with foam pockets of fire.

The battle for Madrid.

Shoot cannon at the city.

The street, broken by ambulance.

Shot down by French aircraft on the ground, near him a soldier.

The trenches of the national troops, the firing of rifles.

Promotion to the front line of the Franco cavalry and shock troops.

Military actions in the outskirts of Madrid.

The soldiers run past a propaganda poster, throw grenades.

Street fighting in Madrid.

View of Madrid from the plane, its districts and the stadium.

Soldiers run through the ruins.

On the streets in a panic fleeing civilians.

Demonstration of the Republicans.

The campaign "Winter aid" in Germany.

Collecting donations from the public.

Night Berlin police thronging crowd that surrounds Reich Minister Goebbels, he takes the money in the mug.

Celebrations in memory of 9 November in Munich.

The Nazis celebrated the anniversary of the Munich putsch.

Beer ", Burgerbraukeller" sign, the circle of flowers dates: 1923-1936. Parade of veterans of the movement led by Hitler and Goering.

They walk past the pillars with the glowing bowls.

The laying of wreaths at the monument to the victims of the putsch, Hitler correcting tape.

A view of the plates with the names: Dietrich Eckart, Horst Wessel, Herbert Norkus and other.

Hitler welcomed the generals.

Wreath laying field Marshal Blomberg.

Troops March through the area.

Hitler comes to widows, shaking hands.

A moment of silence.

Symbolic verification at the memorial, he reads the names of the characters.

Hitler comes to the graves, salutes.

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