Tonwoche № 396 (1938)

Newsreel №63888, 2 parts, duration: 0:12:54, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The performances of the cavalry in the arena in Berlin.

Horse racing steeplechase cavalry units.

Spectators watch the competition.


The breeding chickens in the incubator.

A worker lays the boxes with the eggs in the incubator.

Eggs hatch chickens.

Chicken on the palm of workers.


The woman knits.

Demonstration models of knitted clothes.

Fashion models in the Park in knit dresses and hats.

The girls at the table they pour wine into glasses, drink.

Girls knitted dresses come into the room.

USA. Beach, water rides.

Girls move out into the water from the hill, the young man drives off the roller coaster on water skis.


Varsity competition between Oxford and Cambridge race on the Thames.

Sale of Souvenirs at the pier.

Athletes are canoes, race kayaks-eights.

Spectators on the shore.

Key words

Germany, 1938, sport, equestrian sports
Germany, 1938, incubator, poultry
Germany, 1938, fashion
USA, 1938, water rides
England, 1938, sport, regatta, students

Reel №2

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The steamer "Wilhelm Gustloff", which was returning from Italy with the traveling of the KDF work, received a distress signal near the Dutch coast.

A sinking British merchant ship, it forwarded to the German boat, which rescues captain and 18 sailors in stormy weather.

English sailors on the deck of the German ship.

Arrival at the port.


Burns notorious Austrian concentration camp Willersdorf, which was driven 45 thousand opponents of the regime Shushnigu.

A rally near the camp, and a speaker at the rally, which assures that their banners will be rotated to Germany.


Top view of the city of Graz, located on both sides of the river, the center of the earth, Steiermark.

The streets of the city, monuments.

The announcer says that 300 thousand Austrians grateful to the Fuehrer, because now they belong to the greater Germany that he brought their people from poverty and suffering.

Down the street is moving motorcade with Hitler.

The crowd enthusiastically greets the Fuhrer.

Hitler walks down the aisle, shaking hands with people.

Hitler's speech from the podium: "3 weeks ago achieved the eternal goal of German unification.

Already then I wanted to come here, but we had to do some formalities, which can only be done in the capital.

Now I'm proud to be among you.

I have realized the dream of his youth.

God created the peoples, who must unite".

In the sitting room of wounded soldiers in the first row Himmler.

Invalids in chairs.

Key words

Germany, 1938, a shipwreck, a Navy civilian, workers, sailors, natural disasters, storm
Austria, 1938, fire, camp, rally
Austria, 1938, Hitler, wounded, soldiers, speeches

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