Tonwoche № 397 (1938)

Newsreel №63889, 1 part, duration: 0:12:08, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The construction of the highway in Germany.

On the map of Germany a network of roads through the cities of Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, etc.

Soldiers of the Labor front gives comrades a shovel.

On the scene marching civilians with shovels.

The types of Salzburg, rides over the bridge the motorcade with Hitler.

Residents welcomed him, pulling his hands.

Arrival on the construction of the highway, the führer greeted the workers approach children with flowers.

The rally at the construction site begins with the representative of the workers.

Work opens arrow steam train rides.

Workers go with shovels.

Hitler throws in the cart the ground with a shovel.

Closeup of an information Board: the construction of the motorway Munich-Vienna.

Is felling, the crowd watches.

Preparations for the elections on April 10.

Calendar sheet, off figure 8. Flowering trees in the garden.

The streets of the city, decorated with fascist symbols, banners.

On the building is the inscription: "our Führer, "Yes."

Campaign bus rides on the street, everywhere propaganda posters with a swastika, Hitler's portrait.

On the streets of Vienna is moving motorcade, residents welcomed the Fuhrer, pulling his hands, shouting, waving flags with swastikas.

Top view of the street where a car ride with Hitler.

The motorcade pulls up to the town hall.

At 12-00 hours.

Goebbels from the balcony of the town hall declares this day a day of greater Germany.

Over an area of release of doves.

The siren sounds.

Residents hang Nazi flags on the balconies, the old man raises the flag on the roof.

The Nazi flag is raised on the mast of the ship.

Buzzer sounds, the workers leave work.

On the streets stopped traffic.

Buzzing the pipe of the engine.

On the bridge tram stop.

In the sky flying airplanes.

In churches and cathedrals bells ringing.

Traders close shops.

Floating down the river on a tourist boat, on the deck are the people, the orchestra.

In the city marching police.

Night March of the Nazis with banners, flags.

They move past the huge portrait of Hitler.

Hall meeting.

Hitler speaks about the elections in Germany.

The Fuhrer is on the square, the soldiers listen to basking by the fire.

In the hall pulling his hands in the Nazi salute.

Of the city, crowds of people waving their hands.

In the audience slogans sound, applause.

Close-up of a swastika.

At the building there are soldiers with torches, bonfires are lit.

The slogan on the building: "One people, one Reich, one Fuehrer!".

Elections in Germany.

On the calendar April 10.

Polling station in Berlin, go to the military, residents.

Hitler at the polling station, accompanied by Goebbels.

Hitler throws the ballot in the ballot box, the woman brings him a bouquet of flowers.

The ballot, people vote for Hitler.

Goering with his wife out of the car outside the polling station, posing at the ballot boxes in his hands.

The German Ambassador in Vienna, von Papen and his wife going to the polling station.

Go propaganda machine.

The queue at the polling station.

Soldiers with the man lead the lady to vote.

Elections in Braunau, go people.

On the wall a portrait of Hitler.

Station Kleve, comes the train, passengers go on the platform, they distribute Newspapers.

Elections are held in Czechoslovakia.

The train approaches the station.

The Nazis pass the crowd, greet them.

The river ships are the people on the pier waving their hands, the orchestra, the passengers go ashore.

In the port town elections are held on the German ship "Admiral Scheer", wishing transported to the ship by boat.

In Constanta in Romania, the Germans are on the jetty at the German ship.

Passengers climb aboard, they are given ballots.

The steamer "Wilhelm Gustloff" at the Marina.

The slogan: "One people, one Reich, one führer!", campaign slogans and posters.

A Portrait Of Hitler.

Hitler goes to the balcony of the Reich Chancellery Goebbels, Hess.

Downstairs crowd of people.

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