Tonwoche № 399 (1938)

Newsreel №63892, 1 part, duration: 0:10:56, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The American fleet on maneuvers.

In the sky flying airplanes.

Various types of ships pass by the rocky shores.

A ship at sea is undermining depth charges.

USA. Experiment with steel structure, through which electric current of high voltage of 1 million volts.

The resulting lightning rushes up design.

Aviation day in Melbourne.

Airshow for spectators.

In the sky fly 5 airplanes, carry out elements of aerobatics.

Landing on the field. 7 perform airplanes flying in the form of an arc.

Low flying over the track field, takeoff.

Aircraft flying wedge.

Mass takeoff of aircraft.

USA. Rugby match on a muddy field from rain.

The players in the game become dirty, they slip and fall down.

Spectators in the stands.

Spring comes.

The view from the interior of the shop through the window at the man who is chilly wrapped in a cloak.

Guys with sleds are on the snow on the street.

The snow on the lawns.

A man dumps the cow out of the barn.

The woman takes the girl chickens.

Mink from the snow Bunny is popping up.

Pedestrians walking on the street, slide on the ice, crossing the road.

Strong wind prevents passersby to go, they slip, fall.

On the snowy windshield of a car is written - spring.

USA. The show of the summer fashion on the catwalk, opened in the small pool.

Women show long dresses, suits, hats.

Dresses of transparent fabrics.


International racing in Eilenriede.

The audience in the stands of the open stadium.

Some stand on stools, ladders, in trees, sitting on the ground.

Fans of the "Hitler youth."

Motorcycles rushing along the forest road.

Young man in helmet sits in a hammock tied to a tree.

Stop the motorcyclist because of a small accident.

The boy takes a camera.

Mass arrival to the finish line. 3 winners with wreaths for the neck.


The symbolism of the events: the flag and a swastika on the background of an anchor.

The boys from the "Hitler youth" and they even made models of sailing ships coming to the canal, lowered their water.

Older guys run the model.

The audience watching them.

Fans of scuba diving in Miami.

The swimmer plays with the little crocodile.

The girl wears a light suit, descends with her friends under water.

The cameraman sits in a special chamber and removes them.

Underwater moving 5 girls around them, float fish.

She takes the fish in his hand.

The girl makes an entry under water on a special plate.

A man playing with a crocodile.

The American fleet on maneuvers.

On the ship the sailor signalling with flags.

Bugler plays.

Sailors swabbing the deck with mops, clean tools.

Training in Italy for the arrival of Hitler.

Workers cleaned the pedestal of the monument, attached to the pedestal Nazi eagle.

Monument in the woods.

Cleaning of the lights with the help of ladders.

View through the arch into the street, two monument in the woods on both sides of the road in the distance is the Colosseum.

The monument of the heroes of the bowl for the fire.

Workers are repairing the city's tram tracks.

Work near the Cathedral.

The inner courtyard of the Palace with sculptures.

A man cleans a sculpted lion on the porch.

Workers are repairing the foot of the sculpture.

Meeting of memory on the grave of German airman - the best ACE of the 1st world war - Manfred von Richthofen.

Old news: Richthofen plane, simulation of blowing smoke.

The grave of Richthofen on the cemetery.

A military band played, soldiers are standing.

Goering bypasses, followed by generals, among them milch.

Goering speaks.

The opening of the monument to the 20th anniversary of the death of the pilot on the stove, the image of two eagles, one of them falls.

Goering raises a Marshal's baton.

Fly German aircraft.

The aircraft carries an element of aerobatics.

The maneuvers of the aircraft.

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