Tonwoche № 400 (1938)

Newsreel №63893, 2 parts, duration: 0:08:32, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Germany celebrates on May 1. flowering trees.

May day rally of the German youth in the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

Hanging banners with Nazi symbols.

The arrival of Hitler at the rally, the journey by car past the stands and columns of jubilant young people.

A youth leader Baldur von Schirach report to the Fuhrer.

Hitler, Goebbels place on the podium.

In the stands of the spectators composed of the word "Grossdeutschland" - "Great Germany".


Festive meeting of workers of culture in the building of the German Opera.

Goebbels speech in front of cultural workers about the achievements in this area under the leadership of the national socialists.

In the government box, Hitler, Ley.

Goebbels said about the film of Leni Riefenstahl "Olympia - festival of Nations", which is recognized as Nazi propaganda best film 1937/38 years and was awarded the 1st award.

Close-up of Leni Riefenstahl in the box.

The prize for best book received by the publisher of the poems of the Austrian Hitler youth "Song of the faithful" Baldur von Schirach.

The prize for this book - 12 thousand marks in Austria will be built youth hostel.

Close-up Siraha.

Hitler at a rally in Lustgarten.

Footage of popular demonstrations.

Hitler on car rides through the crowd on the street moving motorcade, he rides through the Brandenburg gate to the Lustgarten Park.

Hitler Goering and Goebbels coming through the crowd.

The Fuhrer runs women with children, bring flowers.

Hitler's speech from the rostrum.

View of the columns with standard.

Bearers marching down the aisle.

Hitler's speech in the retelling of speaker of the unity of the workers of Germany and Austria and their gratitude to the German people and national socialist movement.

Key words

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Reel №2

The rally in Lustgarten.

Close-UPS of people's faces in the crowd.

The speech of the leader of Austrian Nazis Conrad Henlein with words of gratitude to the leader - Adolf Hitler.


The view through the huge eagle on the crowd.

Hitler's trip to Italy.

From the gates of the Reich Chancellery leaves the motorcade with Hitler, heading to the train station for the trip to Italy, the crowds in the streets greeted the Fuhrer.

Seeing the Fuhrer at the station.

Hitler, Goering, Keitel bypass the soldiers.

Goering valedictorian on behalf of the people.

Hitler, accompanied by Goering, Ribbentrop, Goebbels goes to the car, looks out the window.

Train hits the road.

The first stop is a station of the Brenner pass on the border of Italy.

A crowd of people welcomed the distinguished guest.

Hitler passes the guard of honor in his retinue Himmler.

Italian officers greet the Fuhrer.

The movement of trains within Italy.

Hitler looks out the window of the car.

Houses decorated with Nazi symbols.

Hess and Goebbels look out the window of the car.

Goebbels sign autographs for extending the leaves.

On the station platform in Rome, Hitler met count Ciano, king Victor Emmanuel III. Motorcade rides through the city accompanied by cavalry.

Key words

Germany, 1938, rallies, statesmen, personalities, speech
Italy, Germany, 1938, Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, Hess, sovereigns, personalities, statesmen, visits, railway

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