Tonwoche № 404 (1938)

Newsreel №63897, 2 parts, duration: 0:12:08, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Berlin, a military airfield.

Competitions are held here precision reset and landing.

At the competition there is General milch.

The plane takes off, flying over the drawn circle, the pilot throws the target load with tape, makes a landing.


Planes flying over the spires of the Cathedral over the stadium.

Airfield near Vienna, the final day of the competition.

Arrive at the airport, squadrons of different flight schools.

Are the planes.

Two soldiers hold a poster: "Here to assist".

Athletes marching through the stadium.

The winning team of the flight school of Dresden.

General suitable engineer and they hug.

Diner at the stadium, the spectators and soldiers eating sandwiches.

The king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III visited Italian troops in Tripoli.

Victor Emmanuel and Marshal Balbo go from the boat to shore.

Meeting in the port, standing army, the Arab cavalry, the soldiers of the Italian Legion.

The crowd on the promenade welcomes the king.

King on the balcony, the cheers.

Victor Emmanuel and Balbo drive in a carriage, accompanied by cavalry.

Submarines on maneuvers.

New submarines in the school swimming.

Through the hatch the crew members descend into the boat, saravut Luke.

The engine room of the boat.

Boats on the sea surface.

Work acoustics.

The descent into the water, the officer looks through the periscope.

You can see the ship.

The scenery of the Alpine mountains, the river in the valley.

Climb up loggers in the traditional Tyrolean costumes.

The descent of the logs from the mountain, they fall into the river.

Tourists are watching the work of lumberjacks.

The invasion of locusts in a field in Ohio.

The locust close up.

Locust control with pesticides, treatment of fields with a special machine.

Some people collect dead locusts on a white canvas.

Production of the "people's car" - "Volkswagen" in Fallasleep.

On the podium in front of the emblem of the Labor front played by young drummers and buglers.

The arrival of Hitler in a car factory.

The crowd greets the Fuhrer.

Children, climbing trees, waving his hands.

Views "Volkswagen".

The meeting at the factory, speakers.

Hitler is coming to the brand new car, gets in, drives past the crowd and troops.

Key words

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Germany, 1938, logging
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Germany, 1938, Hitler, the automotive industry, Volkswagen, meetings

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The catastrophe in Steiermark: flood.

Rushing powerful stream, the tree falls into the water.

Views of damaged homes, washed away a dam.

Wehrmacht soldiers help the people to escape by boats and boats.

Party Congress of local organizations NSPH in Dessau.

The passing attack gives people the flags with a swastika.

The Nazis marching units.

Goebbels speech to the troops.

Columns on the field, playing drummers.

The squad is PLEASED with shovels, sit the veterans of the movement.

Hitler and Himmler troops.

Travel in an open car motorcade moves through the streets of the city, residents welcomed the Fuhrer.

The parade of troops.

Close-up of Himmler.

Marching units.

Key words

Germany, 1938, a natural disaster, flood
Germany, 1938, the congresses of the NSDAP, Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, the parade

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