Tonwoche № 405 (1938)

Newsreel №63898, 1 part, duration: 0:12:11, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Japanese pilot major Fujita sets new world record in duration flight on the plane.

The previous record belonged to German pilots - major General Adetu and captain Lindemann.

Landing the Fujita night.

Major at the microphone, he is handed a bouquet of flowers.

The revolutionary unrest in Mexico city. pnrm. on the ground.

On the streets crowds of people.

From building out a President cárdenas with accompanying persons, generals.

The city of St.

Louis, here are seeing the soldiers at the front, they sit in the train.

The train journey, the soldiers waving from the Windows flags.

Female escort of soldiers.

A detachment of cavalry galloping along the mountain road.

Appears the plane, an officer looking through binoculars.

The fighting in the town, the soldiers ran among the houses, firing cracks in the walls of the fortress.

Map of Osterreich 1919 that the agreement in St.

Germain was split apart.

Neighbouring countries: Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, small part of Hungary.

The desire for independence of Slovakia resulted in the annexation of the Sudetenland by Germany, the scheme on the map.

The borders of Czechoslovakia on the map, split into two parts - the Czech Republic with Prague and Slovakia with the Pressburg.

A story about the events in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Port, passenger ship, passengers with American flags in their hands. pnrm. on port with vessels, port facilities.

The Slovak delegation going to Prague.

The Czechs greet you at the pier.

Officials come to the delegation.

The meeting on the occasion of Czech democracy.

Column of the Sudeten Germans.

Day of the German-Italian-Spanish-Italian solidarity in Rome.

Stadium, fluttered the flags of the countries-participants of the meeting.

Mussolini on the podium.

To field built units, Mussolini passes.

Sports festival at the stadium.

Are the Spanish athletes, girls perform mass gymnastics.

Mussolini applauds.

At the command exercise carried out by young people.

The audience greeted Mussolini, pulling his hands in the Nazi salute.

On the field is the team of young cadets.

In Berlin on the Day of memory of heroes of the Skagerrak to the residents on the square hosted a concert of military band of sailors.

People look in the window, standing in the square.

People sway in time to the music.

Dancing to the orchestra.

Derby on the racetrack.

To the Hippodrome fits the audience, hanging billboards.

At the track arrive king George VI and Queen Elizabeth, they welcomed the nobles on the podium.

Scoreboard with the list of participants of arrivals, among them John.

Crouch, R. A. Jones, M. Bieri and others.

Going jockeys.

The race will begin.

George VI looks through binoculars.

Roussel Wins.

At the end of the week athletes from new York on a train to the place of travel.

They are bringing inflatables.

Preparation of boats in the car.

Upon arrival at the place of the boat stand to finish cooking.

The descent down a wild river with rapids.

Mass descent of inflatable boats one of the boats flipped.

Berlin is hosting an international fashion show.

Models showing dresses with capes of fur.

Holding ski competitions in the Alps, at gross-Glockner.

Close-up of a swastika flag on the background of snowy mountains.

Skiers at the base, the slalom, the skier falls.

Slalom, among the audience, the Minister of sport chammer-Austen.

Skier rushes down the slope with a Cape behind, which swells like a sail.

Falling skiers.

A football match in Paris between Germany and Switzerland.

Moments of the game.

With the score 1:0 win for the Germans.

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