Tonwoche № 410 (1938)

Newsreel №63902, 1 part, duration: 0:12:39, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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In the marshy districts of Italy, such as Littoria received the biggest harvest in recent years.

Mussolini gave the command to start collecting and personally participated in agricultural work.

Duce, naked to the waist, to the current work with the peasants, I like this bread machine.

The peasants on the national holiday, they sing, dance.

Mussolini in the white uniform among the crowd, dancing with a woman.


Sleep 10 years the volcano Marion woke up, the fiery lava is moving to the city, breaks the path of palm trees, houses.

People on the shore of the ocean watching the volcano.

The eruption lasted 9 days.


Production processes in the factory paper umbrellas.

Assembling the umbrellas.

Ready the umbrellas when open stack on site.


Water fun on the lake Chantilly near Paris.

Vacationers speeding down water slides, swim in the pool, ride on water skis behind a boat.


Snow on the mountains.

Skiers doing slalom, jump a small jump.

Them with interest woman seated under a large canopy.

Sports championship of the Wehrmacht in düsseldorf.

Soldiers perform mass exercises at the stadium, watching the audience.

Competitions in jumping, running hurdles, shot put and disc, gymnastic exercises on the bar.

Shooting rapid.


International regatta for the Cup of the Navy, lead by the Germans.

Day of German art in Munich. pnrm. the streets of the city, its attractions.

Everywhere hanging banners with Nazi symbols.

Near the Cathedral singing men's choir of the Regensburg Cathedral.

Hitler bypasses the troops in front with columns.

View of the hall, Hitler from the podium speech about the achievements of the German people since January 1933.

Closeups of Goebbels, Himmler.

Illustration of accomplishments: the construction of new buildings and roads.

Big German exhibition, a collection of individual paintings, sculptures, bust of Mussolini.

Hitler and Goebbels walks to the exhibition.

The portrait of Joseph Goebbels, genre paintings.

Starts a procession in honor of the 2000 German culture, reflecting all the stages of development of the German people.

Hitler and Goebbels with the generals watching the procession.

Go carts with layouts.

Chariot driven by a woman.

The wagon with a huge head of Athena, the layout of the boat.

Medieval knights on horses with Nazi flags in hands, the layout of the Nazi eagle.

Marching soldiers of the Wehrmacht.

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