Tonwoche № 415 (1938)

Newsreel №63907, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:53, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Berlin - New York.

German plane "Condor" flew over the ocean to the United States for 25 hours.

Condor lands at the airport, leaves the crew.

The crowd welcomed the pilots.

The aircraft commander delivers a speech at the microphone.

Return flight "Condor" was made in 19 hours 54 minutes.

The plane lands at the airport "Tempelhof".

In Berlin it is raining, people ran to the plane with umbrellas.

The crew pulls the arm in the Nazi salute, they give flowers.

He said it about the flight, in the end it sounds toast to the Fuhrer.

All pull hands.

Car with pilots coming from the airport to the city.

The visit of air Marshal of Italy, Italo Balbo in Germany.

At the airport Marshall meet the German generals, General milch, they bypass a guard of honor.

Is Italian Legion "Federico Guella", its standard.

On Unter den Linden Balbo, lays a wreath at the Pantheon of the tomb of the unknown soldier.

When you exit the Pantheon Balbo welcomes German officers, went to the car.

Marshal Balbo visited the manor of Goring Carinhall.

In the courtyard of the hunting Lodge pipers piping.

Goering greets guests, talking with the generals in the courtyard of the estate.

Goering demonstrates Balbo hunting rifle with a telescopic sight, the Marshal tries to hit the target.

Then shoots Goering, looking through binoculars at the target.

The chief of staff of the French air force General Joseph Wwomen arrives in Germany for a meeting to get acquainted with the German Luftwaffe. (16.-21.8.1938).

In Berlin he was welcomed by aviation generals, field Marshal milch.

Generals bypass the honor guard on the mast raise French and German flags.

Sound anthems of the two countries.

Generals come to the headquarters.

Farewell to the commander.

From building a departing motorcade with motorcycles, the people welcomed the guest.

On the island of rügen, the construction of the village where you can enjoy 20 thousand workers.

Operate cranes, tower design.

Large model of the complex.

Construction is under way.

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Reel №2

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The war in China.

Japanese fleet at sea.

The signalman on duty with flags.

The attack on the town of Hankou from the sea and from the air.

The firing of naval guns on the city, bombing from above.

The fires in the city.


The season on lake Geneva offers a water skiing.

Girl performs a trick on skis, rides the swallow.

On the shore at the tables under the tents, people are sitting, watching the athletes.

Three men are racing on skis, one of them stands on the shoulders of the other two.

The audience clap.

The man raises up his leg with ski, balance on one leg.

A man jumps from the water jump.

International athletics competitions between teams of Germany and USA at the Berlin Olympic stadium.

Spectators take cover under umbrellas.

Running men, rapid.

The winner is the German.

Discus, long jump.

Running the 100 meters, ahead of 2 of a Negro from the United States.

Shot put, high jump.

Running hurdles.

Javelin, a German athlete Stolz throws for 70 yards.

High jumps with a pole.

Running with the baton.

Among the spectators in the stands are members of the crew of the German plane "Condor", just made a record speed flights Berlin-new York.

International racing Cup Ciano.

Before starting the race.

Drivers in cars.

Nearby mechanic laughing girls.

Moments of racing.

Caracciola on the road.

The finish, the winner Hermann lang at the camera.

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