Tonwoche № 416 (1938)

Newsreel №63908, 2 parts, duration: 0:06:23, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

USA. Tourist plane flying over the Grand canyon on the Colorado plateau in Arizona.

Tourists admire the view of the canyon.

Boulder dam - a unique hydraulic structure in the United States, the scale competes with Niagara falls.

View of the concrete dam and hydropower station, tourists visiting the dam from the observation deck, are the Indians in national costumes.

German workers at lunchtime exercising in the factory yard.

They play soccer, volleyball, jog, jumping, tug of war.


Swimming competition between team Europe and the USA in the outdoor pool.

Jumping from the tower, jump German athletes, shooting rapid.

Troops on maneuvers in Eastern Pomerania comes Hitler.

He leaves the wagon train, together with generals Brougham and Runstedt bypass the troops.

Hitler sent to the place of holding the maneuvers in the car.

The maneuvers in wooded areas.

Infantry camouflaged in the field among the hay.

Artillery firing, explosions on the ground.

Hitler looking through binoculars.

On the field moving tanks.

The end of the maneuvers.

The Hungarian Regent Admiral Horthy on a trip to Germany.

The flags of Hungary and Germany.

Train rides with Horthy in Germany.

Station Bruckneudorf, a crowd of people at the station welcomed guest, he looks out of the window of the car, takes a bouquet of flowers and a gift.

Arrival of a train to Vienna.

Horthy with his wife welcome on the station, they bypass a guard of honor

Key words

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Reel №2


Train with Horthy sent to Kiel, on the station bypass the sailors and naval officers.

Hitler welcomes Admiral, and together they bypass the guard generals, sailors.

In the entourage of Hitler's Admiral Raeder.

Hitler and Horthy sit in the car, arrive at the port.

They bypass the sailors with Admiral Raeder, climb the podium.

Performed the descent of the stocks of the cruiser "Prince Eugene".

The meeting at the shipyard.

Horthy's wife breaks the side of the cruiser with a bottle of champagne.

The cruiser is coming off the slips, open title, anthem.

Laying a wreath at the Admiral at the fortress.

Parade of the Navy to Hitler and Horthy.

Hitler, Horthy, Himmler, Admiral Raeder on the boat passing by warships.

Sailors in white dress uniforms on the deck.

The view from the plane on parade.

Flying airplanes.

Key words

U Germany, 1938, visits, statesmen, personalities, railway, Hitler, military leaders, shipbuilding, parade, navy, Himmler, air Force

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