Tonwoche № 424 (1938)

Newsreel №63913, 1 part, duration: 0:11:51, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The Sudetenland is a fundraiser.

The citizens on the street at the model of a sailing ship, which is collecting donations for people's needs.

People with a piggy Bank in a crowd.

Man with piggy Bank at the tram in front of the conductor.

Soldiers collect donations, the woman pushes the girl, she throws a coin into the piggy Bank.

To the public given the performance of the circus and athletes.

Soldiers in top form, spinning inside a giant metal structures.

Girl athletes raise money.

Fat man with a mug in the crowd.

Down the street strides the elephant with a cap on his head, on it the inscription: "Royal circus," the children surround the elephant, teasing his trunk.

The circus pony collect donations of children rolled.


Two men in Tyrolean costumes with scythes and rakes up the hill to pasture, mow the grass, collect it in stacks.

The collected stack is lowered down, ran down the slope.

View of mountainous terrain with woods and fields.

Men and women stack hay in the haystack.

The two women barely lift a bale of hay tied up and saddled him on his back to the man, he carries him into the house.

Demonstration of the Sudeten Nazi party in Ausie.

On the street the Nazis marching units with a large number of national and Nazi flags.

Residents welcome them, pulling his hands.

Columns line up on the field, the aisle is, Henlein with officials.

Henlein with the German General system bypasses the Nazis, speaks before a microphone.

Faces in the crowd.

Hang banners on the protection of the Sudetenland the great German Reich, of gratitude to the führer.

At the end of the speech, all raising their arms in a Nazi salute.


A new suspension bridge across the river.

Parts of the bridge are delivered by cable car.

Working strengthen a metal mesh support.

Sino-Japanese war.

The Japanese advance on Hankow.

The Japanese position in the mountains, the observer at the telescope.

Flying planes, bombing positions.

The gunners fired at the planes.

The gunners pulled a gun on the ground, set up, shoot in the valley.

The foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia františek Chvalkovsky arriving in Berlin (14.10.1938).

He goes out with a colleague from the building, posing in front of camera, riding in the car on the street.

Naval exercises in the USA. Officers observe the actions of the cadets.

Those run to the gun, simulating a ship, standing on the platform.

On the water racing boat that leads to the tow models of ships.

Gunners load the gun, shoot.

The officer watching the precision of hitting the target.

The undermining of the layout.

On the blackboard are recorded the results of the shooting.

Destroyed a military factory inside the shop are stock to the guns.

In the Sudetenland, the measures for assistance from the organization NSV (national socialist people's charity).

The street decorated with Nazi flags, riding the trucks with food and goods.

The truck with paper and fabrics, gas cylinders.

In the warehouses there is a discharge.

Residents with children near a miserable little houses.

The town comes to a truck, people run to him with pots, buckets.

In a poverty-stricken hut, knocking a woman in the form of organization, it turns out the man with the child in her arms.

With machine shoot cans of soup, pour it into people.

A woman feeds her children soup.

The old man cuts the bread.

In the room with a miserable situation sat a woman with five children.

People are in the queue to the field kitchen, soldiers handed out food to them.

The tables give bread, clothes.

Women try on fur coats, coats, shawls, men's shoes and suits.

Fashion show in Berlin.

Women show furs, coats, jackets, hats.

Stoles and Bolero from the white fur.

Coats with hoods which fit into collars.

USA. The Rugby match at the outdoor stadium.

Moments of the game.

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