Tonwoche № 435 (1938)

Newsreel №63922, 2 parts, duration: 0:12:57, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, here comes Pope Pius XI, to hold the service to the population.

Dad greeted by clergy and officials.

The area in front of the Basilica filled with people.

Sound of a bell.

The Pope addresses the people and blesses them.

The opening of a new channel named Adolf Hitler in the district Glavica in the presence of Rudolf Hess.

The ship in the airlock.

Map of Germany and scheme of canals to the Oder river through the city of Breslau, Gleiwitz, Kosel.

Traffic on the bridge across the canal.

Hess opens the start of construction on another plot on the Danube, he throws the shovel earth into the trolley.

Hess shakes hands with the approaching engineer.

Workers start excavation, ride the trolley to the ground.

Map of Germany and scheme of the channel passing to the South in Europe: in Presburg, Vienna.

Sacramento, California, valley views, away moving train.

On the banks of the river are blasting in the open pit.

The German Navy during the battle in the North sea.

A signalman with flags on the mast.

On the ship's alarm, one of the sailors was washed overboard by a wave.

Sailors throw a lifeline lifted on Board the rescued sailor.

The court accompanies the seaplane.

The ship continues its way.

Emperor Hirohito and his entourage on horseback arrives at maneuvers, which carried out the military Academy and flight school.

Motorcade rides on the background of mount Fuji.

The Emperor is watching the movement of tanks and infantry through binoculars.

Flying airplanes.

Buglers trumpeting the rebound.

Village workshop in Bavaria for the production of Christmas toys made of wood.

The machine stamps out of the Board figures.

Women at the table manually painted toys: soldiers, chimney sweeps, firefighters, angels, etc.

Collection "Winter aid" on the streets of Berlin.

Christmas toys from Bavaria, hitched coat men.

The actor in the costume of an Indian's raising money in a mug.

International Cycling competitions in Douglasdale in Berlin with the participation of athletes from Italy, Hungary, Spain, Germany.

Coach massaging athlete legs.

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Reel №2

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Cyclists test their cars.

Cycling on a closed track.

One of the riders falls and knocks down several riders.

The Spaniards win, they handed the figurines of a bear - symbol of Berlin.

Key words

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