Tonwoche № 436 (1939)

Newsreel №63923, 1 part, duration: 0:10:10, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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In the national House of German art in Munich, an exhibition of models of buildings.

The layout of the monument dedicated to the builders of highways, by Professor thorak.

Illustration monument erected on one of the trails: three powerful male figures turn a stone block.

The exhibition marble model of the monument.

New models of buildings: the Opera house, the largest in Germany, the layout of the Royal square in Munich with surrounding buildings and a temple in honour of fallen members of the Nazi movement, the school building with a dormitory.

New streets of Berlin, Potsdamer straße layout, various official buildings, the Building of the Ministry of transport, building for the Supreme command of the land forces, the Soldiers ' home.

At the entrance to the exhibition sculpture of a naked young man with a torch in hand.

Sculpture Professor Breaker for the courtyard of the Reich Chancellery: the Nude figure of a man with a sword.

The battleship "Scharnhorst", the largest in Germany, accommodating 460 people of the crew gets in line.

The pier Wilhelmshaven sailors, climb the ladder with things, carry boxes of wine. pnrm.on the battleship.

Close-up of a sailor with a rifle.

The boatswain whistles.

The men in the ranks, the captain with the officers of the bypasses.

The captain on the bridge.

The mast raise the flag.

The name of the ship on Board.

On the bow eagle and swastika.

"Condor", on Board its name is "Saarland".

During the flight near the Philippines in the plane pierced the oil pipe and he had to splash down.

Japanese pilots came to the rescue of the German crew.

At the airport overnight aircraft meets the Japanese Minister of transport and journalists.

The pilots greet, presented with flowers, they treat wine.

Hang the national flags of Japan and Germany.

The return of the aircraft "Condor" at the airport Tempelhof in Berlin.

The crew of the "Condor" out of the plane, they are met by military personnel, and Colonel General milch, he congratulates the pilots.

The speech of the captain in front of the microphone, he thanked the Japanese for salvation.

The civil war in Spain.


The offensive of the army of General Franco during the Christmas days.

Barricades from bags with sand on the ground, soldiers in the trenches.

Pointer: the "national zone" in Aragon.

The fighting on the ground.

The officers discuss the problem.

The battlefield with the "hedgehogs" are dead soldiers.

View of the Palace, the yard littered with debris.

With the support of Italian volunteers after fierce fighting, the national troops entered port.

The movement of troops across the bridge, soldiers with horses.

The movement of troops, trucks on the road.

Camp on the ground. 300 thousand Republicans captured since the offensive began.

Soldiers carry stretchers with the wounded to the cars.

Horses carry weapons.

On the road there is a burning truck, lie the corpses of Republicans.

The Italian Alps, training of mountain Riflemen's training.

They go skiing, climb a ladder on the slope.

Set a flag on the top.

Top view coming down at high speed shooters.

In the Berlin sports Palace, competitions in figure skating.

A couple from Vienna, a brother and a sister Pauline has been applauded.

Won the German figure skaters Maxi Gerber and Ernst Baier.

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