Tonwoche № 474-1 (1939)

Newsreel №63948, 1 part, duration: 0:11:37, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

The Czech President Hacha in Prague, attends the international exhibition of industrial designs.

Residents near the exhibition pavilions.

Gah retinue goes inside of the pavilion.

At the table women are engaged in hand-packing of cigarettes.

Facade of a multistory building, which houses the exhibition.

The radio is "Ideal".

Departments with motorcycles, machine tools.

Woodworking machine in action.

A device that helps us see the flickering static shots in motion.


The North sea coast.

Operator with a video camera that records the sea life below.

Cunning operators are able to shoot scenes from the life of seals.

Seals move rapidly across the sand to the water.

Operators set up the camera in the water.

Seals splashing in the water.

The operator, lying on the sand, pretending to be a seal, mimics their movements.

To him crawling a baby seal.

The female utters a disturbing cry, the cub crawls back rapidly.

The operator removes standing in the water.

Close-up head of seal.

The cub with the mother, he sucks the milk, moving in the sand, yawning.

Hitler youth sent to rural areas to help in the harvest.

The children gather potatoes in a field.

In the province of Catania, a thriving kind of craft.

Craftsmen engrave on wood, creating a simple wagon type carts real works of art.

The wagon is decorated with bas-reliefs in wood on everyday topics, artists to paint it in bright colors.

On a cart pulled by a horse, also decorated with a beautiful blanket, the Sultan of feathers on the head.

In the cart sit by the locals.

In Karlshorst near Berlin at the racetrack, with capacity for 5 thousand places, held steeplechase.

Fans place their bets at the box office.

The acolyte rings the bell.

Moments of a horse race, a horse named "Norman" comes out ahead.

The emotions of the audience.

The Minister of foreign Affairs count Ciano arrives on a visit to Berlin.

Together with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Ribbentrop, he sits in the car.

Motorcade with motorcycle rides through the streets of Berlin, the crowd welcomed the high guest.

Commander in chief land forces, General von Brauchitsch visits a war factory.

He oversees the production of the guns, examining guns future guns, anti-aircraft guns.

The stock of the gun barrels.

The crane is in the shop gun.

Young Slovak army, created in the summer of 1939 under the command of General Yaroslav Eminger, in place of military action.

The commander with the officers of the headquarters of the card on the ground.

Slovak troops passed the exam on the shooting in the battle against Poland.

Driving armored vehicles, tanks.

The soldiers attack, they crossed a river by footbridge.

The shell hit the catwalk in the air, flying Board.

After the encirclement of Warsaw, the Germans provided the opportunity to leave Poland diplomats and their families.

By standing on both sides of the road German soldiers, passing cars with diplomatic missions with flags of different countries, you can see the flags of the USA and Japan.

Women with things going on trucks.

Through the territory of East Prussia of the people can bring to Germany.

On the border with Germany there is a check of documents.

The diplomats recorded the passport data sheets.

A black briefcase stands next to a German officer, smiling, talking with him.

German soldiers help with the children.

The soldier holding a baby in a blanket, shakes it.

German positions near Warsaw.

Telescope on the hill.

German soldiers lie in the mound.

The Communicator connects the wire to the field telephone station.

German artillery fires, the officer looks in the tube.

Soldiers load a grenade launcher, shoot out of the trench.

On the broken train tracks burning compounds.

Soldiers marching behind the tanks.

The Siege Of Warsaw.

Aerial view of a destroyed city.

The capitulation of Warsaw on 28 September 1939.

German General Blaskowitz takes the Polish envoys, led by General Kutrzeba.

They are on the bus, signed the act of surrender, negotiate at the map.

Polish envoys to leave the bus.

A German submarine was sunk by English aircraft carrier "Courageous" (a type of aircraft carrier from earlier Chronicles).

German submarine returns to home port.

Boat to the shore, the team lined up on the deck, on the bridge there are officers.

Close-up of the Nazi flag.

Captain ashore the stairs, coming to Admiral Dönitz, gave a report.

Doenitz bypass the sailors, gives the award.

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