Tonwoche № 477-1 (1939)

Newsreel №63952, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:26, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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After between the USSR and Japan had resolved all border disputes on the border between Mongolia and Manchuria was a meeting of truce with the Japanese and Soviet sides.

The steppe ride vehicles with the Japanese, led by General Kugimoto, marching Soviet squad with General Mikhail Potapov.

The generals negotiate, shake hands.


Picture of nature.

Owl Chicks in the nest on the tree.

At the bottom runs Fox, is a bison.

Adult owl soars in the air, dives at the mouse, give it to Chicks.

Close-up owl.

The rebirth of life in the former Polish territory.

Sport in Poland.

Young people in the pool.

The young man descends the stairs on his hands, jumps into the water.

A woman with a child in the pool.

The chain of young people wave jumping in the water side.

In Chicago, a parade of the American Legion.

Residents welcomed them, the police holding back the crowds.

Going platform depicting military scenes.

The car is a movie star Ann Sheridan, who is honorary member of the Legion, she hand waving.

Marching legionaries.

Passing car with platform with a jumble of cardboard boxes, a car with a Pegasus on the nose rides on the rear wheels.

The orchestra in full white dress.

After fighting in Poland, the Slovak army returned home.

On field built parts, a car pulls up with the President Tiso.

He stands in front of the military from the podium.

Officers and soldiers receive combat awards.

Starts a military parade before the President, in the sky flying airplanes.

Soldiers marching in front of President Tiso.

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Reel №2

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In the Italian town of Assisi in the famous monastery of San Francesco are held celebrations in honor of the Catholic Saint Francis of Assisi.

Overlooking the city, bells ring.

In the gallery are the monks.

Pipers piping in vintage clothing.

The cardinals and the highest representatives of the Church are in the Church procession, kneel before the statue of St.


the question about English blockade.

To the airfield aircraft approaching with Finnish President Kallio, he is met by king Haakon VII. Motorcade rides through city streets.

In the meeting room includes king of Sweden Gustav V, king of Denmark, Christian X, President Kallio of Finland, king of Norway Haakon VII. Discusses actions to reduce the impact of the British blockade of neutral States.

In East Silesia the industrial recovery is observed.

German engineers and technicians immediately took up the restoration of the enterprises.

Smoke pipe mills, steel plant works.

Trucks load coal.

Ships of the German Navy in the North sea.

On the deck of one of the ships.

The observer looks through binoculars.

Alarm the sailors took places at the guns.

Patrol ship detains Norwegian cargo ship "Torutre".

The German team goes to him, gets on the plane.

Go check the documentation.

A German officer wished the Norwegians a happy voyage.

A German ship sails on.

German submarine returns to home port, the sailors stand in formation on Board the boat.

Residents from the shore to greet the sailors.

The plane with the sailors on Board landed at the airport Tempelhof in Berlin.

A crowd of residents and soldiers meets sailors down the ladder of command.

The commanders sit in the car, going to Berlin, residents welcomed them.

Police holding back the crowds.

The people in the square in front of the Reich Chancellery, which sent the sailors.

Key words

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