Tonwoche № 479 (1939)

Newsreel №63956, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:03, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene about the rules of Cycling and the Bicycle device.

An elderly inhabitant Ludwig and his young buddy in the Studio, where Ludwig brought his damaged bike crashes.

In the briefing Ludwig answers questions on the rules of the road and finds out that his bike wasn't attached to the lantern, which he collided with a car.

Election of the President of Slovakia in Pressburg, which is becoming Jozef Tiso /26.10.1939/.

Speech of Tiso from the podium, where he swears to the Fatherland, Adolf Hitler and his people.

Tiso in a carriage, accompanied by the cavalry, moved from Parliament house to the Palace of the Archduke Frederick.

On the sidewalks, people in national clothes welcomed the new President.

Parade in honor of the President.

Sporting events of the fascist and national socialist youth of Germany and Italy in the circus Sarasani in Berlin.

Gymnasts perform exercises on uneven bars, on the crossbar.

The Italian gymnast Imette.

Among the spectators is the Imperial Minister of sport chammer-Austen.

On pommel horse Olympic champion, Stefans.

Performs on the uneven bars, the Plate, and then on the bar, shooting rapid

Hitler youth helps agriculture.

A group of teenagers marching out of the camp, they on the farm.

The farmer welcomes them, shows what to do.

A horse harnessed to a cart, riding on the field.

Teenagers plowing with horses.

The collection of books for the German Wehrmacht.

The guys from the organization "Hitler youth" go home, collect books in the basket.

A woman takes from the bookshelf books and gives children.

The books are Packed, put a special stamp.

The soldier at the front carries the book of friends, they dismantle them, read.

Books come into the hospital.

On the phone, paragraph one of the parts of the defense.

The operators get a message about an aerial assault.

In the arrangement of the parts of the air defense alarm is declared, the soldiers ran up, hits the bell.

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Reel №2

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Air drill on the airfield of air defense units.

Soldiers dine at the table, the alarm rushed in places.

Gunners rush to the guns.

The pilots scatter to their cars.

Planes in the sky.

The fire of antiaircraft guns.

North sea.

The private court of the German Navy, participating in the blockade of England, they move to the shores of France.

The steamship "Deutschland" arrives in Sassnitz (rügen island), passengers descend the stairs to the beach.

Among the passengers of the famous Swedish singer and actress Tara Leander, who came to the shooting of a new movie where she will play Maria Stuart.

The campaign "Winter aid".

The collection of funds for the Wehrmacht in Germany.

On the streets of Berlin exhibited tools of combat, the boys of the "Hitler youth" examine captured Polish gun, tank, children climb on the tank, inhabitants are considering guns.

Wehrmacht soldiers collect donations in the mug.

Veterans Cycling perform in front of an audience at the gym.

The speech of the actors in the Berlin Winter garden in charity.

The artists in the room with a piggy Bank in his hands.

On the streets of Berlin to join a circus, the girl with the parrot on the shoulder is collecting donations.

Composer Germs of Nil, author of many German military marches, conducts the orchestra, performing his new March "We go against England."

German Navy at sea, sailing to the sounds of the March.

Close-up of guns on Board the ship.

Over ships flying airplanes, the view from the aircraft to the squadron.

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