Tonwoche № 481-1 (1939)

Newsreel №63958, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:16, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the Empire in Italy.

Genoa, arrival of the ship "Liguria" and "Sardinia" in the port.

The arrival on the feast of the inhabitants of the provinces.

The trucks go girls in uniform, on Board the truck, the inscription "Garibaldi".

The people welcomed arriving guests.

Flying aircraft, types of landscapes below.

USA. New technology: car-tank.

On Board the inscription: "Research Institute of technology".

He rides down the street in traffic, then location and falls into the ditch, under the wheels enclose the stones.


In the Studio of a caricaturist.

The master draws on the Board the female silhouette.

Tables girls perform grotesque drawings.

The girl draws the ink with a pen that turns into a hat, it pririsovyvat face.

The young man draws on the robe paint the word "kiwi", then on the back of the front depicts a face.

Drawings on the backs of the robes girls: a kissing couple, a lion face.

Drawings, graphics.


The performance of pop songs under the accordion.

Girl in a sailor uniform play and sing.

The performance of tap dancing by performers variety show.


Cycling race at the indoor stadium.

Racing motorcycles on a steep wall.

Racing Bicycle, attached to motorcycles.

Key words

Italy, 1939, the Navy civilian population, celebrations
USA, 1939, technique, invention
Czechoslovakia, 1939, painting, artists, cartoons
Germany, 1939, music, singing, tap dancing, dancing
Germany, 1939, sports, Cycling

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Japanese warship is sent on a voyage in the Pacific ocean.

Sailors waving his cap from the deck of the escort them on the shore.

Ship in the ocean, sailors lined up on deck.

The appearance of enemy aircraft.

Side guns firing at the planes.

The landing of the Marines on the boats to the island.

The maneuvers of the Japanese infantry and artillery at the foot of mount Fuji.

Running infantry, artillerymen dragging guns.

Shooting at aircraft.

Attack soldiers.


Graduation of nurses of the red cross.

Military greet the nuns-sisters.

The sisters of mercy in the gym, presentation of diplomas.

Berlin, the pair approaches the poster, the announcement of the performance of a symphonic orchestra under George Georgescu (Romania) at the Philharmonic on 14 November 1939.

Performer Siegfried Borries Symphony plays Prokofiev, Brahms.

The auditorium, an orchestra.


Military exercises with trained dogs.

Marching soldiers with dogs.

Team-dog crawl, take the barriers.


The military station of carrier pigeons.

Pigeons in the trough.

The soldier pulls out a dove from the box, wrapped in a special cover and hung two pigeons dog on the back.

The dog carries them to the front.

The soldiers read the message, release the pigeon back.


Protection of the coast.

Alert on German coastal battery.

Officers at the observation point.

Received a message on the attack of enemy ships.

The alarm sounds training alarm.

The soldiers ran across the sand to the guns.

To the sea German speedboats, seaplanes take off.

At sea the German fleet.

Key words

The Pacific ocean, 1939, world war 2, air force, Navy, Marines
Japan, 1939, world war 2, infantry, artillery, maneuvers, BBC
Italy, 1939, world war 2, the Red Cross, sisters of mercy
Germany, 1939, concerts, orchestra, personalities, music
Germany, 1939, exercises, soldiers, animals, Pets
Germany, 1939, war world 2, birds, mail, Pets
Germany, 1939, world war 2, artillery, Navy

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