Tonwoche № 481 (1939)

Newsreel №63959, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:05, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene about the fight against mesocricetus.

A young man meets at the shop of his friend, an elderly layman Ludwig, hung with a variety of packages.

Ludwig sees all in the store and pulls a friend to see what else you can buy.

He smiles and asks people in the queue miss Ludwig.

The girl in the shop somehow takes away from Ludwig all purchases with words of gratitude.

It turns out that he was in line to receive donations for the organization NSV ("National socialist charity").

Cultural life in Berlin "in contrast to Paris and London" is in full swing.

Poster of the Berlin Philharmonic, the scene is a rehearsal of the Symphony orchestra under George Georgescu from Romania, he performs music from "till Eulenspiegel" by Wagner.

Other venues, the presentation of the operetta "the Bat" scene in a cabaret with can-can.

The curtain closes.

Berlin zoo.

The audience watches as the clerk feeds the seals.

In the pens, penguins, deer, bison and their calves, and Puma.

In the hands of the employee tiger, who shakes his broom.

The new season in Berlin.

Boxing match in Douglasdale, fragments of the battle of heavyweights Kerbline and Lazica.

Bike race on a steep wall at the stadium.

Hockey match in Munich, on the game between Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Key words

Germany, 1939, propaganda story, donations
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Reel №2

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During the break of a hockey match starts clowns on ice Bepo of Faltermeier.

He scored a goal, making various comic PA, at the end of plopping on the ice.

In a hall among spectators sitting soldiers.

Days of youth in Japan.

These days are sports and military training of children and young people.

Children's marching units.

Girls in physical form do the exercises.

The guard of the children in the yard in the foreground is a cannon.

Kids doing exercises under the guidance of a teacher.

Teenagers near the gun, the boy tries to the weight of the projectile at the shoulder, the gunner shows how to control a gun.

Soldiers, children ride car, carried with them the competition for tug of war.

Joining the Nazi youth organisation BDM. The city has open locations where you can enroll in this organization.

Girls go on the item, fill out the questionnaire.

They receive ration cards, spread them home.

Munich, girls of the BDM work in the soldiers ' Laundry.

Soldiers bring dirty underwear, girls strip it, one of them shows a sock with a huge hole.

Washing by hand on the boards.

The girls at the tables collected for the front of the parcel.

Western front.

Destroyed French city after the entry of the German troops, the ruins of buildings.

A cemetery with fallen crosses, German soldiers raised the cross, sets it.

German sappers are on the field, defuse mines.

The Outpost in the forest, disguised as the watcher on the tree.

Installation of a machine gun.

The Western shaft on the ground, barrage balloon, the soldiers lead balloon on the ropes, lifts him into the air.

Protection of the coast.

Military post on the shore of the North sea, searchlight.

Devices, catching the noise of the engine.

Officers from the telescope at the observation point, an alarm sounds training alarm.

Soldiers running across the field.

Unfolding-aircraft gun, firing at the planes.

Naval exercises, the sailors scatter to different places.

Squadron in sea water fly seaplanes.

Key words

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North sea, 1939, war world 2, searchlight, artillery, exercises, Navy

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