Tonwoche № 483 (1939)

Newsreel №63961, 2 parts, duration: 0:21:00, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Gaming advocacy scene, is directed against persons, making all kinds of stocks in connection with the war.


As in all authoritarian States, Spain has changed the tasks of the sport.

From the records of individuals the records of the teams.

Mass demonstrations by young gymnasts at the stadium in Madrid.

Among the audience sits Caudillo Franco.

Performances of girls dancing.


Emperor Hirohito arrives in the car to the stadium for the annual national sports competition in Tokyo, the crowd welcomed the Emperor.

Mass gymnastics of youth.

The Japanese national costume show training fighting sticks.


Despite the war, on mount Zugspitze competitions in winter sports, which involved 92 men, men and women.

On the track, Christel and Rudi Cranz, who won the tournament.

Snow drifts and blowing snow hampered the events.

A man photographs the athlete.


Factory of Christmas toys made of wood in Bavaria.

Traditional places of these crafts - Dereserved and the Erzgebirge.

Working time at the factory in wood for toys.

Women painted toys paints, ready-made toys: soldiers, chimney sweeps, angels, etc.


Each in his place organizes assistance to the Fatherland.

In the Berlin sports Palace is the ceremony of taking the oath the girls, members of red cross Society, who, after training will be sent into the front-line hospitals.


Members of the party and the members of the Working front every Sunday come to the station in Berlin.

Go work on unloading wagons with coal on the railroad for the needs of the city. 1,200 people in 9 hours unloaded 60 cars, which amounted to 1 tonne per person.

Men running with wheelbarrows, transmit chain bricks.


On the territory of Poland in the liberated areas is the restoration of the destroyed bridges, the soldiers of the RAD (German labour organization).

In the city of Thorn German sapper troops from the rubble of the destroyed bridge.

The soldier blows the horn, go out blasting.

Diver prepares to descend under the water, water pull out the metal part of the bridge.

The rebuilt bridge, it is a train.


And during the war the German industry meets its obligations under the orders of the neutral countries.

In Hamburg factory of Siemens was made the wheel for a turbine 6 meters in diameter and weighing 60 tons.

Thus trade with neutral countries continues.


German-Romanian Treaty executed in due time.

Is the harvest of maize in Romania.

The villagers help the teenagers.

Sending corn in trains and on ships in Germany.

North sea.

Stagnation in the production of and trade in Sweden, Norway, Denmark because of the British blockade.

Ports stand trial.

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Reel №2

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There are plants in the cities of Amsterdam, Oslo, Rotterdam and Antwerp.

The growing number of unemployed, the unemployed at the gates of the factories and on the streets.

North sea.

German minesweepers defuse mines, delivered in the North sea by the British.

Miner from the boat twists in a mine Fuze, mine pick up on minesweeper.

The officer shows sailors the details of the mines.


British troops enter France.

First, they are marching in French cities to mark its presence in the country.

Parade of the English troops in Paris.

There is the orchestra.

However, the local population perceives this joyless, on the streets do not see people.

The Western shaft.

German troops execute their duties at line "Western wall".

On the ramparts the change of military units.

On the road going horse-drawn implements, the soldiers pass a line of defense.

Alarm to artillery battery.

Young soldiers are trained, so that later they can be directed anywhere in the front.

The soldiers leading horses harnessed to the carts with guns, jumping through the village, across the field.

The installation of guns and shooting at the enemy.

Attack infantry soldiers throwing grenades, overcome barbed wire, cutting them with wire cutters.

The Atlantic ocean.

The German submarines in the campaign.

The sailor looking through the periscope, the appearance of an English ship.

The alarm on the boat.

The English ship fired a torpedo, a thick smoke from the explosion.

Continuation of the hike, stopping a merchant ship, the captain of the ship delivers the documents to check on the boat.

A sailor gives the signal that the ship may proceed.

The submarine did the job and returned home.

The boat is on the surface, sailors stand on the deck.

Ship Watchkeeping welcomes the submarine, from the banks it is welcomed by people waving their hands.

Boat in the port.

White pennants on the flagpole indicate the victories of the sailors on them are written the names of the sunken ships.


German bombers ready to fly to the English coast.

Seaplanes over the sea.

In a sea of visible vessels, a Norwegian ship.

The shooter in the cockpit of the machine gun.

Sink the stricken ship.

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