Tonwoche № 484 (1939)

Newsreel №63962, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:35, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene about the need for proper use of Department cards.

An elderly inhabitant Ludwig decides to show his young friend the purchase, which he bought at the Department store card.

It turned out to be pants for riding.

Buddy, laughing, says that the number of card points he could buy a regular suit.

Flooding on the Rhine at Koblenz.

The house, flooded with water, water at the basement of the hotel.

People move in boats, carrying people from flooded houses.

Water car rides.

Field Marshal, Mackensen celebrates its 90th anniversary, it is out of the building, approaching the rider on a decorated horse, he reports to the celebrant.

General von Brauchitsch congratulates Mackensen gives him the address.

The porch, which is General, a car pulls up with Hitler, the Fuhrer rises, shakes hands with the celebrant comes into the house.

Hitler fit children give flowers.

Mackensen, with his wife and generals escorted the Fuhrer.

Acceptance speech of the celebrant.

The opening of a new channel named Adolf Hitler in Germany in the area Glavica in the presence of Rudolf Hess.

Opens a gateway channel is a barge.

Map of Germany and scheme of canals to the Oder river going through Breslau - Gleiwitz - Kosel.

Hess throws a shovel into the trolley the earth, marking the beginning of construction.

Work diggers.

The map shows the further construction of the canal from Kosala in Pressburg and Vienna.

Fishing German fishing trawlers that accompany the warships.

Ships at sea in a storm.

Fishermen pulling in nets, the catch on the deck.

On the water sits a lot of sea gulls, waiting for prey.


Puppet theater for kids with the hero of Parsley.

Children react violently to a show.

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Reel №2

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Ceramics industry exhibition in the Berlin Museum.

Children on tour in the Museum.

Exhibits: ceramic vases, pitchers, plates, figurines.

Potter works circle, shows the girl technique, she is trying to repeat it myself.

A piece of clay on the circle turns into a pot, it is applied to drawing.

Western front.

Repair shop at the front, repairing the motorcycle.

A pointer to the workshop.

Workers carry out of a truck with the necessary materials and tools, doing repairs on a lathe machined the necessary parts, by welding parts.

Western front.

General von Brauchitsch on one of the sites of the Western front.

He leans over the map of the forest together with the General, then examines the battery passes the position of the trench, looking out on the battlefield.

Western front.

At the observation point anti-aircraft batteries.

The soldiers have dinner in the bunker.

Then play the kittens and the puppy, the kitten sits in a soldier's helmet.

Radio operator receives a message about a French bomber.

Alarm on battery, the gunners running down the field.

The plane in the sky, firing the gun.

German pilot sits in the car, takes off on Board the plane pattern of card suits - spades.

Air battle with French aircraft.

Enemy aircraft shot down, he's on the ground.

Stand with three photos of the best pilots, Board data of departure.

Awarding of the pilots.

North sea.

The German Navy during the battle.

A signalman with flags on the mast.

The rescue exercise in the fall of a sailor overboard.

Hydroplane is accompanied by court.

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