Tonwoche № 485 (1939)

Newsreel №63963, 2 parts, duration: 0:21:14, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene on the subject of English leaflets, which are suitable only for the toilet.

An elderly inhabitant Ludwig shaves at the Barber shop talking with a young man, shows him the English leaflet.

Each has been criticized Ludwig that he reads such nonsense, which can make the anxiety in the nation.

Ludwig asked, "What to do with it?".

A friend calls a hairdresser and says something in her ear, one hand shows the direction to the toilet.

The transfer of the body of the founder of the fascist party the Falange, josé Antonio prima De Rivera from Alicante to Madrid /20.11.1936 executed by the verdict of the Republican court. 10 days and nights Phalangists carried the coffin on their hands through cities and villages, where the villagers escorted convoy to the burial site.

In Barcelona there is a wreck as a result of diversion of the vessel.

On the bottom a diver down to plug the hole, pump pumps out water.


The descent of the stocks of the new submarine "Reginaldo Giuliani" in Tarente.

On Board breaks a bottle of champagne.

Submarine ready to sail to Abyssinia.

The Sino-Japanese war.

After resolving the Russo-Japanese conflict, Japan begins military action in China.

Stroy Japanese pilots at the airport.

Japanese aircraft flying to bomb the Chinese province of Chance.

The earth in the bomb explosions, visible buildings, facilities, roads.

Emperor Hirohito and his entourage on horseback arrives to the graduates of the military Academy, conducting traditional maneuvers.

Motorcade rides on the background of mount Fuji.

Tanks and infantry in the attack.

Hirohito at the observation post looking through binoculars.

Japanese planes flying.


Sports activities for students and Hitler youth in the Tyrol.

The building of a shelter for climbers in the Arlberg, where the guys are preparing for a competition.

Students playing in the snow, skiing in the mountains.

Ice show in Vienna.

The skaters of Pouzin in pair skating, and three years ago won 2nd place in an international competition after the German pair of Gerber Maxi and Ernst Baier.

Comic room on the ice of the former Munich clown Bepo of Faltermayer with a hockey stick, which he unsuccessfully tries to get the puck.

Laughing soldiers in the audience.

The return of the German ocean steamer "Bremen" from new York to Germany.

Diagram of the vessel's passage across the ocean on the map.

A few weeks later the ship arrives in Murmansk, where he was thoroughly checked.

The commander of the ship Arens speech that Bremen can finally return home, he thanked his team and the ships that assisted during the flight, the breakthrough the British blockade.

The ship in Bremen, the team moved to Berlin.

Residents of the capital welcomed the Ahrens and the team.

Sailors Board the bus to go to Weimar.

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Reel №2

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Three men-singers perform humorous song to the soldiers.

The Western shaft.

German horse artillery moves along the West wall along the coast, over the bridge.


The restoration of the broken bridge German soldiers under the protection of guns.

Blasting for cleaning the debris, welding.

Western front.

The headquarters of the German intelligence squadron, the officers of the card.

The pilots go on a mission, in the cockpit is installed the camera.

Shooting enemy positions, return.

Develop the films and the viewing of intelligence on the location of forces and equipment of the enemy.

German mail is for the front.

The mail room and package to deliver them in time for Christmas.

Christmas at the front.

Westwall, the soldiers are carrying a tree.

In the bunker decorating the Christmas tree, the branches of candles.

Parcels for soldiers: books, cupcakes, harmonica.

Bunker Blue angel, the soldiers singing and eating at the table, examine the parcel.

The soldier pulls out a parcel doll, laughing.

Port, sailors with bags behind and trees.

Sailors at the table in the cabin of the submarine, say merry Christmas, drink beer.

Sailors on the warship considered the package, the sailor pulls out a salami cigarette.

Observation post at a height in the port tree at the post.

The officer hands out cigarettes to the soldiers.

In the distance is the Gothic Cathedral.

Key words

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