Tonwoche № 486 (1939)

Newsreel №63964, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:49, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene in the police station.

Warning against drunkenness and hooliganism.

An elderly inhabitant Ludwig wakes up at the police station and wonders where he was and why he had such a bad headache.

Comes to his young friend and tells Ludwig that he did have a good walk, and then almost became the participant of road accident.

Ludwig is horrified and promises not to leave the house.

Friend's reassuring that bend is also not necessary, just do everything in moderation.

On the Dutch coast after the British blockade the mines.

A special unit of the German bomb squad detonates mines, the people watching them.

A man on a Bicycle pulls up to the group of engineers working with mine, just watching me.

Mine was driven on the cart.

View of houses damaged after a bombing, litter lying in the street.

The landing of Japanese troops in the Chinese province Pakchoi under the rule of Chiang Kai-shek, from the sea.

Is a Japanese squadron, the guns fired at shore.

Landing horses from the ferry.

Japanese soldiers moving among the ruins.

Fighting, is shooting.

Key words

Germany, propagadistskoy the story, the police, drunkenness
Holland, 1939, war world 2, mines, blockades, bomb squad
China, 1939, the Sino-Japanese war, the Navy, soldiers

Reel №2

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Cavalry exercises of recruits in the German army.

The soldiers leading the horses from the stables, sit on command, it is not that at all.

Recruits ride, turn, some fall.

Riding in a circle.

Western front.

Outpost on the Western front.

The sentries on the height of soldiers moving in the trench.

The observer to inspect the area with the river.

The soldiers attack, firing guns.


The return of combat aircraft after the bombing in England.

While landing the plane shakes his wings.

Landing, to the plane running pilots, meet arriving friends.

Pilot bear arms.

Two pilots talking near the plane and share experiences on the sortie.

Close-up of the holes in the fuselage.

The pilots in the ranks, report to the commander, he congratulated them, shaking hands.

The pilots ' faces.

The commander speaks.

North sea.

New air force commissioned.

German operations of seaplanes on waters.

The pilot sees in the sea a Danish merchant ship.

Seaplane sits on the water, a German officer coming on Board, checks the documents of the captain.

The continuation of the flight, stop and frisk, the Swedish steamer, also released after verification.

The view from the plane on sunk in the fighting ship in the sea.

North sea.

A German submarine during the battle.

Sounds like a fascist anthem.

The engine room.

German squadron at sea.

The announcer says that the German people are safe, as is protected by modern weapons and can happily celebrate the new year.

Key words

Germany, 1939, the 2nd world war, cavalry, Pets, teaching
Western front, 1939, world war 2 soldiers
Germany, 1939, world war 2, Royal air force
North sea, 1939, world war 2, air force, Navy, civil, inspection
North sea, 1939, world war 2, Navy

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