Tonwoche № 487 (1940)

Newsreel №63965, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:21, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene on the theme of saving firewood.

A young man visiting Ludwig.

He brings an armful of logs and is going to throw one of them into the fireplace.

Each edifying says the room is so warm and it is not necessary to use such big logs.

This tree could produce something useful, for example, newspaper, paper, frames, suit.

Ludwig asks ironically: "Maybe I'm made of wood?", the friend responds: "No, you have only the wooden head".


Floods on the Danube near Budapest.

The man pumps out water pump.

On the waterfront, filled with water, the Bicycle rides.

Water on the docks, their contents piled on the cart, the wheeled loaders on the water barrels.

At home in the water.

North sea.

The British blockade off the coast of Europe.

Collected at the port the ships of many countries, one can see the Swiss, the Dutch ships that are loading and unloading.

The ramp of the ship with the emblem of the red cross on Board down passengers.


In the Italian colony is the harvest of grain.

Blacks using primitive methods of harvesting and processing grain.

Obnalichivanie grain with sticks, sifting through bowls, packing bags.

Spain great attention is paid to physical education of the nation.

Sports festival of youth in Barcelona was attended by officials.

Demonstration of Spanish folk dance on the occasion.

At the stadium the girls in national costumes.

Technical education of youth in Germany occupies an important place in General education.

Youth tested for tendency to a particular specialty and is directed to the production.

Labour processes in the workplace.

Machines for guys master the skills under the guidance of the master.

The issue of the newspaper in the printing press.

Quote of Hitler on the wall.

Classes of girls-typists in the audience.

On the turntable, put record, girl typing blind while singing the national anthem.


In the Museum of Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm in Berlin, the exhibition "Woman-mother".

Exhibits: paintings, sculptures.

The home loom.

A display of models of national costumes.

Photos about the sports and the art of German women.

Demonstration of film "mother's love" with Katie Dorsch, wolf Albacom Reni and others in the cinemas of Berlin.

People at the cinema, go to the lobby, locker room old woman with a medal on his chest.

In the hall a lot of women, was awarded the parent award.

On the screen a scene from the movie: a mother with four children.

The funeral of 76-year-Volksdeutsche in Warsaw, the poles allegedly killed on the outskirts of the capital shortly before the entry of Hitler's troops.

The walls are coffins, covered with flags with a swastika, people lay flowers.

Woman crying, hugging the coffin.

Polish guards at the banners.

The coffins in the square, the German General correcting ribbons from wreaths.

The funeral procession moving down the street.

The burial in a mass grave.


Map of Europe, a reflection of German-Soviet relations on the question of Poland, after the signing of the Covenant, the line of demarcation in the middle of Poland through the city Augustowo, Proshkin, Malkin, Brest-Litovsk, Rawa Russka, Przemysl.

A meeting of representatives of the German and Soviet command in Brest-Litovsk on the railway bridge.

Directions to the bridge structure with grain from the USSR to Germany in the framework of trade agreements.

German and Soviet railway workers looking documents sealed wagons.

Key words

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Reel №2

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Storage of food for the front: sacks of grain, boxes of fish, a mountain of potatoes.

Soldiers loaded the food in the car.

Field kitchen at the front.

Chefs bake bread in the oven.

The cook pours the soldiers soup pot.

Two soldiers with a flask of soup, go to the front, bring food to the trenches.

North sea.

The German boats and ships to catch whales clean water German of the fairway.

Sailors get mine networks out of the water.

The area cleared the sea mark their buoy.


Special motorcycle troops in the campaign.

The soldiers of the world, the commander gives the order.

Soldiers sit on the bikes, go for a car on the streets of the town, through the woods, over hills, off road.

Maneuvers on the ground, on command, the soldiers jump off the motorcycles, take the position and lead the fight.

German progress is the result of the work and modernization of production.

The German factory of synthetic rubber "Buna".

The body of the plant, pipes.

Production processes in the shops.

Chemical laboratory, which explores the properties of rubber.

Demonstration of the rubber composition.

Furnace in the shop, which made the starting material, extraction of the latex mass.

The manufacture of rubber, manufacture of tires for vehicles.

Motorized artillery, cars, motorcycles and other equipment for tyre plant "Buna" in the combat campaign.

Key words

Germany, 1940, world war 2, supply, field kitchens
North sea, 1940, world war 2, Navy, Navy civilian, fisheries, whales
Germany, 1940, world war 2, soldiers, motorcycle troops
Germany, 1940, world war 2, rubber, manufacture of rubber, motorized artillery, vehicles, tires

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