Tonwoche № 489 (1940)

Newsreel №63967, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:47, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene about the "Winter aid".

In the pub, the men at table drinking beer.

In the door comes a young man with a Cup for donations.

Older fat man then hides in the toilet.

Young decides to teach him a lesson, sits down and waits.

Older leaves, quietly sits at the table, young asks for a coin, then at his eyes, throws it in the mug.


To deliver brown coal to consumers, was taken extraordinary measures.

Was reduced the carriage of passengers, and the vacant locomotive was given to the commodity transportation.

Transportation of coal and brick on the railroad.

Go train.

Loading briquettes brown coal.

There is a train with coal.

With coal trucks away from the car.

When unloading the railroad help the members of the national socialist party and the soldiers, they fill the coal bags to the public.

A man carries a sack of coal.


In the city Nerchau was arranged exhibition and sale to help the artists don't feel the need during the war.

Bust of a soldier's helmet.

The portraits of soldiers, female portraits, landscapes.


Skiing in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The biggest lift in Germany, delivers up to 200 people per hour to a height of 600 meters.

Young people climb the mountain by cable car.



Scenery of the Tyrolean mountains.

Hunting with a camera can be less interesting.

On snow-covered cliffs jumping mountain goats looking for food under the snow.

Germany. 2nd German-Japanese meeting of graduates was held in Germany.

Along with scientific work, not the last place in the rally is a sporting event.

The students at the morning practice, the raising of the flags.

The Japanese go skiing, learn to slalom.


Before the German engineers were set a very difficult task: to build a track length of 3 km in the Lechtal Alps, which would connect Innsbruck with Vorarlberg.

The track is almost ready.

A snowplow clears it.


Severe frost froze the river.

The Hamburg harbour, go on the water icebreakers.

The captain of the icebreaker Ludtke on the bridge looking through binoculars.

He receives a telegram from the ship "Stettin" and hurries to help.

Debacle on the Danube from Budapest.

For an icebreaker to go court on clean water.

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Reel №2

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The prize court of the Navy decides the fate of the merchant vessels of neutral countries, captured by German warships on suspicion that they were carrying cargo for the enemy.

A meeting of the prize court in Hamburg.

Among the audience are representatives of foreign States, which have witnessed the correctness of the actions of the German military.

The captain of the German vessel is testifying about the seizure of the American ship.

It shows goods that can be used as component parts for military production.

The court's decision in favor of the Germans.

Loading the confiscated forest on the ship.

Warehouse with goods on rolls the inscription - Manchester.


Friendly reservists company of propaganda in Berlin.

Buglers play.

The meeting is attended by Reich Minister Goebbels and Dr.


In the hall down the aisle to the stage riding a horse, the actress gives an idea.

Guests at the tables, Goebbels with his wife.

At the end of the soldiers announces the new number.

On stage, the cartoonists alter the written words in humorous drawings.

The Western shaft.

Signalmen install the pillars, bear cable.

Radio operator at the radio station.

With the help of technology, found the place of the disconnection, the alarm is sounded.

The soldiers ran out of the house, driving to the fallen by the explosion of a pole, repairing the cable.

At the sound of the bombing, they ran to the roadside hide.

Powered field radio.

Delivery of cargo and weapons in the area West of the shaft.

Artillery battery, and the supply of shells.

Galloping horse artillery in the snow.

Artillery crew in the woods.

The staff on the telephones get intelligence.

From the bunker the soldiers ran out, gun charge, shoot.


Soldiers from Ostmarka, transferred to the area West of the shaft on the ship, got short holiday in the Ruhr area.

The German work front and the party they organized a trip to the Ruhr arms factories.

Soldiers on tour at the ironworks, friendly conversation with the workers.

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