Tonwoche № 491 (1940)

Newsreel №63969, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:21, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The propaganda game story, revealing hidden from the front of the simulators.

An elderly inhabitant Ludwig standing in the queue to the doctor, a young man complains that he hurt all over, heaviness in the stomach, and that the doctor will prescribe him a certificate.

A friend asks, "then Who will work and fight, if you just want to have fun?".

He promises that the doctor will deal with Ludwig in full his stomach is.

Ludwig sees the nurse with a huge hose, frightened and, not noticing that the hose from the vacuum cleaner, runs away from the doctor's office.

The harsh winter in Holland.

German soldiers together with the people skating on the ice cover of the channel.

In the frozen sea ice drift, followed by a caravan of vessels with cargoes.

The ship in the ice captivity.

The man writes on an ice floe paint the word "Help".

The departure of the aircraft to help.

The instructor trains skiers in the slalom in the mountains of the Arlberg. pnrm. the mountains and the shelter where members of the "Hitler youth" of the Sudetenland.

The young men rubbed ointment on skis, throw snowballs off the roof of the shelter, go on a ski trip.

They demonstrate the skills of a slalom down steep slopes.

Soldiers from the Western front in düsseldorf to attend the skaters.

Ice pair Champions Gerbera Maxi and Ernst Baier.

Fragments of skaters.

The completion of the new queue and processing plant in the North of Germany.

The private industrial buildings and structures.

In one of the shops, the view of the various mechanisms and assemblies.

Working on the Assembly. pnrm plant.

Workers who came to settle on the plant.

The output of the plant.

Of the Soviet Union.

One of the border areas.

View of a train of tank wagons on the locomotive says: "Lviv railway".

The driver looks out of the cockpit window.

This composition with the Soviet crude oil, according to the speaker, the second at the expense of the contractual deliveries.

Soviet and German railway exchange documentation.

Is pumping oil at a German tank, standing on a parallel track.

Map of the border regions of Poland and Germany, Przemysl, Sledges, Hrubieszow, dorogusk, Tiraspol, Proshkin through which the Volksdeutsche return to the Reich.

Farmers go on carts through the snow, carrying their belongings.

View of the long wagon train of immigrants.

The German soldiers on the bridge.

Officer shakes hands with immigrants, welcoming them.

A peasant walking beside a cart in a large makeshift sandals, put on the boots for warmth.

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Reel №2

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The entrance to German village.

Migrants on vacation, on the square are the vans without harnesses and horses.

The man stroked the dog, the other brushing her bangs horse.

The guy throws the girl on the shoulder sheepskin.

Soldiers fed displaced from the field kitchen.

Children in front of the camera, eat soup, drink milk.

A child hugging a huge St.


Reich Minister Dr.

Goebbels arrives at the Western front.

He is greeted by German soldiers and officers.

Part of the air defense crew in the headquarters.

He examines the photos taken from reconnaissance aircraft.

Maneuvers, in which pilots demonstrate in front of the Goebbels of his ability.

Squadron in the sky.

Goebbels receives an explanation from the generals.

Together with Colonel-General Reichenau Goebbels is present at the exercises of infantry units.

There is a training battle.

Soldiers short dashes move forward.

Shooting in the woods with machine guns.

Western front.

The engineers erected a pontoon bridge across a river in winter conditions.

The engineers in the water in rubber suits.

Is laying pontoons, completion of the bridge.

To check the strength on the bridge is the bomb squad, then ride the machine.

The return of the German submarine into home port after months of campaign.

On the Bank built the team captain reports to the Admiral Dönitz about the campaign.

Team awarding Iron crosses.

North sea.

The patrol service of the Navy.

View of a warship patrolling the waters of the North sea.

Deck in the ice, frozen rails, ropes, guns.

The men hammers shot down the ice.

Rises the icy anchor.

Alarm sailors run.

The gunners have side guns, aiming and shooting.

Nazi flag flies on the mast.

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