Tonwoche № 494 (1940)

Newsreel №63972, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:20, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene in the store.

An elderly inhabitant Ludwig with his young friend come into the lingerie store.

Maintenance of the jewellery, the seller begins quite rude to talk to Ludwig, who decided to buy underpants.

Ludwig boorish reminds the seller that they are customers and that the war is no excuse for rudeness.

The young man addresses the audience, urging them to treat each other politely.


Sino-Japanese war.

Japanese troops carried the dead from the battlefield, cross the bridge.

The soldiers lead the horses with the goods.

Shooting artillery.

Captured and important railway line in Jungto between Canton and Hong Kong.

Japanese aircraft bombed the city of Lanzhou, an important strategic site, through which was supplied to China.


The English blockade forced neutral countries to take military action.

On the coast of Holland placed the posts that monitor the sea and air.

Go to the military court.

Note in the logbook, information about the enemy passed on.

East Prussia.

Fishing in winter on the Curonian spit.

Despite the cold weather, the fishermen blow a hole in the ice, drop the network.

Lifting winches network with a catch.


Entertainment for the military.

Mobile theater organization KDF spreads his tent on the outskirts of Berlin.

Tent, accommodating 1000 spectators, can be assembled and dismantled in a few hours.

Representation for military visit Reich Minister Goebbels and Dr.

Ley, they are in the hall next to the soldiers.

On stage acrobats.


Propaganda is flying in German schools has now become mandatory.

Guys are gliding, themselves make model gliders, organize competitions.

The school building, the sculpture of Icarus, children playing in the yard with the models.

After the theory for high school students comes practice.

There are competitions for large gliders.

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Reel №2

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Amateur soldiers.

Are the three of the soldier folk song with a guitar.

In the hall pick up the verses.

Radio are not only music programs, but also reports on the achievements at the front.

The choir and orchestra.

Western front.

Where necessary to obtain information and overcome obstacles, sent forward the corps of engineers.

Soldiers are spread out on the snow and the pumps inflate rubber boats, dragged them to the river, ferried across the Rhine, despite the ice.


The area on the border between Germany and France early in the war was occupied by the French, and then returned to the Germans.

French town through which the advancing German soldiers.

They headed to a vantage point from which you will be able to see the location of troops in 300 metres.

The soldiers bypassed the ruins of buildings, basements, look out the window of the attic.

The explosions in the city.


Military maneuvers of mountain rifle units in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

A squad of skiers up the mountain, pulling sleds weapon.

Setting the gun on top.

The group "the enemy" in camouflage goes skiing.

There is a shoot out.

The view through the eyepiece of the gun.

Key words

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