Tonwoche № 496 (1940)

Newsreel №63974, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:54, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Games scene, advocating increased vigilance in wartime.

A young man upsets the elderly man in the street, a stranger telling military secrets.

The fire in the Japanese city of Shizouka.

The aerial view of the burning city.

Residents left homeless, wandering the streets.

Firefighters knocked down the flames.

Crumble in flames of the building. pnrm. the city is shrouded in a veil of smoke, from the air.

In Barcelona, held a rally dedicated to the opening of the Monument to the Victory of Franco's troops.

On the square in front of the podium, which are the generals and officials, a parade.

Go to the cavalry, marching infantry, by car passing generals.

In Rome is a traditional holiday dedicated to the day of Foundation of the life guards of Mussolini.

View of the built units.

Mussolini awards of the distinguished soldier.

A parade of militia.

Italy, And Germany.

A visit to Europe.

American Secretary of state Cordell hull arrives by steamer to Genoa.

Conversation with Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy, count Ciano in the office.

Mussolini accompanies guest on the station.

Arrival in Berlin.

Car guest comes to the building of the Reich Chancellery.

The first German military fair in Leipzig.

Views decorated with banners of the street and the main building of the fair.

Goebbels, accompanied by officials enters the building at the opening of the fair.

On the square August-Platz exhibited trophies of the Polish company.

Pavilion working model railway.

In the corridor of the pavilion put a toy mechanical dog.

Apparatus for printing, a worker carves card template.

panorama of industrial enterprises in the West of Germany.

Processing of ore at the plant, coke output.

Production processes.


The service of air defense.

Look at the sentry.

Anti-aircraft point to the giant industrial facility.

Is the protection work of military industry.

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Reel №2

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The submarine comes from a victorious campaign in the home port.

Conducts icebreaker boat through the ice trap.

The boat anchors at the pier, the team ashore.

Rear Admiral Doenitz bypass the sailors, submariners distinguished awards Iron crosses.

The boat captain, Lieutenant Schulze (in fur hat), awarded on Hitler's orders the sign of "Knight's cross".

Torpedo boats in the North sea.

The sea in the ice.

In the forefront there is the cruiser.

A sailor at the helm.

Refueling at sea from the tanker.

The continuation of the campaign.

Oversight and inspection stops Norwegian ship, check the documentation of the captain.

Boats continue.

Western front.

Reconnaissance patrol in the campaign.

Scouts in camouflage in the winter forest, in mountainous terrain, they go through the cave, covered with huge icicles.

When they reached the trenches of the enemy unit begins the battle with the wounded prisoners, which carried on a stretcher back.

The Sergeant congratulates the scouts with the task.

The first interrogation of a prisoner.

Review of German technology, proven during the Polish company.

Open all-terrain vehicles with soldiers on Board going through the snow, pulling a gun.

Military exercises in the area.

Artillery unit deploys the weapon.

Tanks in the attack, the tanks are advancing infantry.

Simulated counterattack.

Shooting flamethrowers.

Key words

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