Tonwoche № 499 (1940)

Newsreel №63976, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:35, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The station at Brennero motorway to the German border train arrives with the Fuhrer.

Here is a meeting with Mussolini (18.3.1940).

The train leaves Hitler shakes hands with the Duce.

Mussolini welcomes the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Ribbentrop, in the retinue of Mussolini, count Ciano.

The bypass system soldiers.

Hitler and Mussolini go to the car, and then Duce accompanies Hitler at the same station.

Hitler talking with Mussolini, looking out of the window of the car.

Ostmark, Linz.

A view of the bridge across the Danube.

Next is the construction of the pedestrian bridge.

A model bridge.

A view of the bridge from the shore.

A separate bridge construction.

Rivet close up.


Metallurgical plant "Demag".

In the factory working women: a crane operator, turners, fitters, forklift drivers, welders.


The construction of the submarine in the dock.

The crane is the covering of a boat.

Workers assemble parts of a boat "Helling".

View of the boat on top of it in the woods.

There are different work.

The descent of the submarine into the water, workers observe the descent.

The return of the submarine to home port.

The boat goes to the shore, on the deck are sailors.

Close-up of captain Lieutenant Schuhart.

The team's other vehicles welcome submariners.

Boat at the pier, sailors down the ladder.

The captain reports on the execution of the task.

The team welcomes the Grand Admiral Raeder, it bypasses the system.

Close-up of the Nazi flag.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The crews of the squadrons greet arriving friends.

At the headquarters of the pilots report to the commander on assignments.

The commander congratulated the pilot, shaking hands.

The card is a breakdown of the operation.

The pilots give a detailed report about the flights.

The commander summarizes the results proves the interest of the Fuhrer to the events.

Map of England, the arrow is pointing to the island of Scapa Flow.

Flying German planes make bombing the island.

Squadron in flight, the sounds of battle songs.

Return to Saarbrucken evacuated during the Franco-German campaign of civilians.

The station is suitable, the train arrived people meet with the orchestra.

Of the cars go women with children, boys from the "Hitler youth" help me take out the suitcases, stroller.

A solemn procession goes through the city behind the band, the soldiers are children.

Teenagers help to bring things and strollers in buses and trucks.

Homes that returning residents clean and clean for their arrival.

Rides the bus arrived residents joyfully greeted.

General description the family comes home.

From France back home carskogo soldiers of the regiment, a Grand passage through the city.

Sending children, primarily from families of soldiers on vacation.

Children in the train looking in the Windows.

Arrive at a place.

The rest of the children on the river Bank, they are waving to a passing steamer.

Younger children play on the sand, watching the teacher.

Kids play sports, throw the chain of the ball.

Girls weave wreaths of flowers.

In Germany, the organized mass rest of children.

The boys run out of the building of the boarding house, eat outdoors, sunbathe on the grass, playing ball.

The boys Shine shoes, write letters home.


Military school for drivers and motorcyclists.

Views of the school, where there are covered trucks and cars.

Go theoretical and practical training in driving cars and motorcycles.

The instructor shows the students a disassembled motor.

Cadets riding on motorcycles with sidecars on the highway.

Riding in vehicles over rough terrain.

Motorcycle riding through the hills, someone can not climb up and fall.

Motorcycle riding through flooded road.

Training ship "Horst Wessel", the inscription on the wheel.

Young sailors from the organization "Hitler youth" engaged in cleaning the deck with mops.

The students descend into the boat, rowing in them.

Boats on the water.

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