Tonwoche № 501 (1940)

Newsreel №63978, 2 parts, duration: 0:21:55, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Games scene about behavior in public places.

An elderly man in the street Ludwig, going into the cafe, coming to his young friend, loudly singing a song.

He tries to appeal to the conscience of Ludwig, but it turns out to be futile.

Ludwig requires of the waiter incredible execution orders, like freedom, wealth, independence all members of society, but, in the end, it stops at the "great German omelette".

Insulted the waiter just leaves the uneducated visitor.

Berlin Olympic stadium.

Here is the meeting between the teams of Germany and Hungary.

Fragments of the game, the score is tied - 2:2. Among the spectators many soldiers, sits the Minister of sport chammer-Austen.

The Byrd expedition to the Antarctic.

Individual scenes journey.

Views of polar ice aboard the research vessel.

On the deck amid the icebergs of the American Explorer of the South pole Richard Byrd.

Around the ship splashing whales.

View of the ship in the area of eternal ice.

The ship goes to the Rover.

View the penguins on the ice.

Hunting with a net on the seal.

Trek by dog sled to the mainland.

A man goes skiing.

The celebration of 18 th anniversary of the Italian air force.

View of the airfield near Rome.

Before the aircraft is built personnel.

Before the pilots is Mussolini with entourage, it at the plane.

Mussolini rewards the families of the dead pilots.

Before him a boy in a sailor suit and a woman in mourning.

Mussolini speaks, and then awards the lady in mourning.

Mussolini speaks to a young woman in mourning with a child in her arms, stroking the child's cheek.

Close-up of Mussolini.

Flypast, aircraft flying in the shape of a triangle.

Italian inspection Committee visited the Western front.

Officers go into the bins, inspect the building, inspect the location of the warhead, look in the binoculars on the enemy positions.

The invention of cellulose staple fiber is the greatest achievement of the German chemists.

Germany occupies in this matter a leading position in the world.

The patent for the invention fibers.

Workers loaded the Packed boxes.

Work in the laboratory for obtaining the starting materials.

In cars there is a mixing of different components to obtain viscose.

Elongation viscose yarn, the winding thread in the bobbin.

The processes of cleaning and drying of viscose.

Pulp and staple the canvas to the output.

Workers manually dismantle fiber, Packed in blocks.

Key words

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Reel №2

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At the call of Goering: "the Best gift for the führer's birthday!" thousands of residents begin to take metal items and Antiques for military needs of the Reich.

Before the receiving point of all dealer metal inhabitants.

The item opens, people run inside.

Girl takes the tray of cups.

A woman brings a bronze chandelier.

The various metal statues on the counter.

Gifts are weighed on the scales.

In the frame of the diploma issued by Goering one of the most distinguished citizens.

At the reception: the man has brought iron statues, congratulating him: together they provide a record of weight.

In the new Reich Chancellery, shooting a chandelier, lamps, metal ornaments, grate - all the things that can be useful for the military industry.

Go carts with scrap metal.

On the docks of the barges ready for loading of scrap metal.

The return of the German tanker "Altmark".

View of the tanker "Altmark", which in Norwegian territorial waters of the North sea was attacked by a British cruiser and suffered serious injuries.

The captain of the "Altmark" Dau closeup.

On the deck built team.

North sea.

Learning activities patrol boats.

The view of the patrol boats, designed for combat aircraft.

The bridge is visible a simulated enemy aircraft, the signalman sends message with flags.

The sailors took places from anti-aircraft guns on deck firing at the plane.

The pilot in the cockpit.

The view of the boats from the air.

An airborne shooter is firing at the boats.

The plane lands on the water on water skis.

The return of the German aircraft after a dogfight over France.

The airport landing fighter "Messerschmitt", which shot down a French plane.

Pilots are glad to see on the ground, carry them on hand.

Western front.

Anti-aircraft battery firing at British planes trying to cross the border.

Soldiers from anti-aircraft guns.

Around flying plane appear exploding shells.

Aiming the gun.

The plane hit, he falls to the ground.

In the woods near the smoldering remains of the aircraft are German soldiers and officers.

The commander of the "Lion squadron" Colonel Fuchs after awarding him the Fuhrer Knight's cross returns to the front, he's at the airport.

Of the plane the Colonel greets the crew, delivers a speech in front of a microphone.

Fuchs gets on the plane.

German troops in the French town of Painten.

German soldiers from the demining units of the railway troops carefully sneak to the building on the site of a coal mine, which - according to the intelligence report - was evacuated.

The soldiers carefully combing the area.

The tower sent sentries, observers, the view from the tower on the surrounding area.

Restore blown up by the French during the retreat of the railway.

On the restored path is the first part.

The cars interlock, the composition continues on his way.

Wagons to carry the timber, scrap metal etc.

Tank exercises on the West wall.

Are tanks, view from the tower riding the tank.

Tanks take obstacles.

Their conditional enemy artillery firing.

Machine-gun fire.

Tank breakthrough, the infantry follows the tanks.

Soldiers carry a machine gun.

Disguised tank is shooting.

Infantry moving forward in short rushes.

Camouflaged artillery guns firing.

Under the cover of a smokescreen infantry attacks and rushes forward.

On the enemy positions.

The infantry overcomes obstacles.

Tanks move forward, their artillery support.

Key words

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Western front, 1940, world war 2, Artillery, air force
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France, 1940, world war 2, soldiers, intelligence, reconstruction, railway
Zapadny shaft, 1940, world war 2 tanks, doctrine, artillery

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