Tonwoche № 503-1 (1940)

Newsreel №63979, 1 part, duration: 0:10:43, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Train accident in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.

A view of the train derailed.

Wrecked cars lie on the side of the car carried the wounded on stretchers.

On the road a cluster of machines.

A lot of people under umbrellas watching the crash site.

View of the interior compartment of a train window.

The inscription on the wagon: "Ash Penn".

The national lottery in Mallorca.

Several men consider the directory.

Hall with the audience that is watching the preparation of the lottery.

The two men stirred by the blades of the balls in the drum.

Erratic movement of the balls in the drum.

At the tables are people with tables in their hands.

Opens the valve of the drum, the ball falls on the track, it is put on the needle.

In front of the building where the lottery is a crowd.

A man displays on the scoreboard with paint the results of the lottery. 1st prize won the number 13093.

Western front.

Providing German troops with ammunition and food.

Soldiers unload from wagons boxes of ammunition, loaded into trucks, driving on a dirt road.

A small warehouse in the woods, here unload boards, containers with shells, put on downed platforms, covered with waterproof fabric.

Western front.

The teachings of German cavalry units.

Cavalry galloping along the road, then cross-country, through the moats.

Jump three horses in the ranks, in the center of the trooper holding two horses by the bridle.

Overcoming the natural barriers.

Western front.

On the front line West of the shaft.

German soldiers moving through an abandoned French positions, remove barb wire.

French soldiers surrender, they are commanded to sit down on the ground.

A search of the prisoners.

A German doctor has a prisoner first aid.

Military action to seize Norway.

Map of Northern Europe.

Multischema the intended allied invasion of the territory of Norway and a similar operation the Germans ahead in their actions of the allies.

The advance of the German troops in Norway.

On the road go carts.

Lunch of German troops at rest.

Horses with Torben in the face.

The continuation of the campaign.

Mechanized columns traveling on the road, moving armored vehicles, motorcycles.

On the side visible broken machine guns, abandoned ammunition.

On the way are English prisoners, among them the wounded.

Prisoners being taken by car to the Assembly point.

Prisoners sit on the street, singing.

The bombing by German aircraft in British military bases in Scotland.

Bombers in the sky, the snow-capped Scottish mountains.

The cockpit, he sees a map of breath.

Air attacks and bombing of the coast and vessels at sea.

Squadron of British ships at sea is exposed to the bombing.

Explosions in the water and on land.

The shell hits the ship, there was an explosion.

The winning flight a German squadron.

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