Tonwoche № 506 (1940)

Newsreel №63981, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:19, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The German offensive into Luxembourg and Belgium.

May 10, German motorized units on the Western border.

Tanks are going along the pavement past the fortifications.

Infantry in the attack, the border crossing.

The soldiers dropped from the bridge barbed wire fence, the rubble.

The sign "Customs of Luxembourg" on the wall the emblem of the country.

German soldiers break the border fence.

The Luxembourg border guards disarmed and led away.

Soldiers torch cut the lock with the gate.

The first German motorcyclists and motorized units in the city.

Tank stands in the open hatch of the tank, which travels through the streets of the city.

Residents observe the movement of troops.

On the wall hang the proclamation in wartime.

The streets are moving tanks, motorcycles, motorized artillery.

The path of the tank column occurs concrete barrier with barbed wire, tanks cross the barrier.

Railway station, views riding the train with the open platform in front, where there are guns.

A small vanguard detachment of the trolley rides on rails.

After going the echelon of soldiers and guns on the platforms.

German soldiers marching through the streets of the city.

Woman gives them sandwiches.

Man watering passing a column of water from a hose because of the intense heat.

Soldiers on the move scoops a Cup of water from a bucket resident.

Beginning of the attack on Belgium.

Removed the border fence, the soldiers and equipment.

German soldiers marching down the road.

Horse-drawn carts in the woods.

The analysis of the dam on the road with the tank.

Troops are in the area of Malmedy, where the overwhelming majority of Germans in the country.

Residents welcomed the soldiers, waving their hands out the Windows, shake hands with them.

The soldiers pulled a gun on the street.

Military airfield, soldiers-paratroopers are heading to the plane. "The Stuka bombers" take off.

Paratroopers sit in the cabin together and sing a martial song.

Equipment at the airport hung bombs to the bombers.

Key words

Belgium, Luxembourg, 1940, world war 2, troops, border, motorcyclists, tanks, artillery, mechanized, railroad, trains, population, Marines, air force

Reel №2

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The German offensive on Belgium and Holland.

German bombers in the sky, the view from the plane on the ground.

On the ground near a huge crater from a bomb are German soldiers.

Views of wrecked after the bombing of the railway track, destroyed station house.

The German town of Freiburg in Bresgau subjected to bombing by enemy aircraft.

School with broken Windows, the ruins on the site of orphanages and hospitals.

The broken window of the building, a sign: "House of mercy".

View of the destruction inside the building, including bricks and debris littered children's toys.

The wall of the school with traces of shrapnel and broken Windows.

Crossing the Dutch border.

The restoration of the German sappers bridge over the Juliana canal.

Soldiers with the technique of crossing by ferry.

Go over the bridge tanks, armored vehicles, motorcycles.

Close-up of the edge of the sign.

The entrance to the town of German motorcyclists, tanks.

On the wall hangs a proclamation of the new administration in two languages.

Transport cars in city streets.

Residents waving their hands in greeting.

A German tank moves a concrete barrier on the road.

The capture of one of the bridges across the canal, the battle at the bridge.

Are killed by the Dutch, at the roadside stand surrendered to the Dutch soldiers.

The invasion of Belgium began with the capture of the albert canal.

German sappers are removed from the piers explosives planted by the Belgians.

Soldiers crossing the river in rubber boats.

The first Belgian prisoners are on the road.

The continuation of the offensive of the German troops.

The tank breaks down the bushes, heading for a barbed wire fence.

Soldiers riding bicycles.

Infantry sneaking through the broken bridge.

The crossing of the channels under enemy fire on inflatable boats.

The surrender of the city of Maastricht.

On the city wall the man is waving a white flag.

German tanks in the city.

On a dirt road, horseback riding carts, overcome the river in shallow water.

Crossing the channels.

The wounded German soldier is carried on a stretcher, they provide health care.

The city opened a heavy artillery fire.

The ruins of houses.

Aircraft in the sky "Stukas".

Panorama of the Smoking area.

Dive bombers on the objects.

Showing the power of German arms.

The barrels of heavy guns rise up, self-propelled guns on the platform.

Tanks across rough terrain.

Infantry in the attack, shooting flamethrowers.

Key words

Belgium, Holland, 1940, world war 2, the troops, the air force, the bombing, the ruins, the engineers, the restoration of the bridge, channels, equipment, tanks, people, killed, prisoners, engineers, wounded, artillery

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