Tonwoche № 508 (1940)

Newsreel №63983, 4 parts, duration: 0:40:46, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Battles of Narvik.

The German Navy off the coast of Norway, pnrm. on snow-covered terrain and the city.

Railway bridge in the mountains, the Germans undermined bridges, power lines.

Observer with binoculars looking out to sea.

German infantry in the woods, clearing a trench of snow.

Firing from a machine gun.

The German air force provides support to ground troops.

Reset of paratroopers, landing by parachute troops and ammunition.

Paratroopers are heading to Narvik.

Belgium. "Stukas" in the air, the view from the plane on the traces of the bombing on the ground.

Bombed house, factory, airfield.

View of the burnt-out planes bombed hangars.

A German soldier examines a downed British aircraft.

Inside the hangar piles of twisted metal wreckage.

Bombers flying low over the ground along the road.

Broken and abandoned machinery on the roads, in the field.

Tanks, broken trucks, dead soldiers, ruins, huge craters from explosions.

Aerial view of Antwerp.

Oil tanks on fire.

The city below, there is a bombing.

On the Bank of a bunker, which is being bombarded.

The monument to the fallen in the 1st world war.

Key words

Norway, 1940, military operations, Navy, Marines, air force, Marines
Belgium, 1940, the air force, ruins, fires, acts of war, bombing

Reel №2

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German avant-garde is fighting in the outskirts of Antwerp.

The houses, burning tanks.

German soldiers slowly moving forward.

Fighting in the port and on the banks of the Scheldt.

The German guns hit the town.

Crossing the river by boat.

Motorcycle platoon with guns on the outskirts of town.

The ferry with the German soldiers approaching the shore, there is a crossing of a motorized column.

Soldiers on bikes riding to the bridge.

Burning oil depots.

Deserted streets and squares.

Soldiers resting after the battle: sleeping on the sidewalk, in cars.

A huge Cathedral in front of him square with tulips.

On the lawn stands the anti-aircraft gun.

Hanging the first order of the German commandant.

The battle for the city of Leuven.

Artillery hit the city.

Tanks and infantry in the attack.

Burning British tanks, the corpses of soldiers.

Further advance of the German troops.

The town consists of tanks, soldiers dragged the gun, fired on the street, moving dashes.

There are street fights.

German soldiers are walking among the ruins.

The gunner fires from a window.

Killed by the French.

German soldiers dismantled the barricades, moving through the streets.

The view of the town hall, on the pavement dropped the city's coat of arms with a lion.

From the balcony down the Nazi flag.

Troops move on.

There are convoys of equipment, cavalry, horse artillery.

It starts with the offensive on the Brussels.

Cars with soldiers and guns on the highway.

Street fighting on the outskirts of the city.

Sappers on mine clearance of the road.

Riding bicycles, carts.

View of Brussels from the plane.

Bottom - marching German troops.

Living on the streets of the city are looking to join forces.

Columns go past the buildings, palaces, Cathedral, the town hall.

Above the castle the head is not raised the Nazi flag.

Aerial view of the canal.

Key words

Belgium, 1940, military actions, fires, soldiers, motorized forces, artillery, tanks, infantry, barricades, cavalry, artillery, cavalry, sapper work, stay at the front, the population

Reel №3

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The destruction of the channel and in port, which made the British troops during the retreat.

German soldiers are repair work.

On temporary bridges to move the inhabitants of Brussels.

The South front.

The fighting at the Maginot line.

Artillery fire, explosions.

In the sky "Stukas".

View of the fortified bunkers on the banks of the canal, on their walls traces of shells.

German artillery gun charge signed by the projectile: "You in comfort."

The discovery of fire.

Aircraft in the sky.

German soldiers are spread out on the street a white cloth, making the sign of its aircraft.

France. pnrm. the city Sedan.

View of the burning and Smoking ruins.

In the fire factory, houses a detailed display of the ruins.

Go prisoners of the French, among them the Negro.

Providing prisoners with medical care.

Out of the plane captured French General Giraud, he was greeted by German officers sit in the car.

The inscription on the shield, pointing to the collection point for prisoners.

Five British prisoners.

A temporary camp for prisoners of war under the open sky.

Prisoners sit on the ground.

Closeup of the blacks, the Indians, the mulattos.

The column of prisoners marching along the road, on the side of the buried dead horses.

On one of the walls a proclamation to the French and Belgians.

Prisoners moving across the bridge.


Individual prisoners - Indians, blacks, Chinese.

German soldiers marching down the road, smiling.

Go carts, appliances, guns.

Crossing the river.

Key words

Belgium, 1940, restoration work, soldiers
France, 1940, war, artillery, explosions, air force, soldiers, bunkers
France, 1940, fires, ruins, prisoners, the wounded, personalities, military leaders

Reel №4

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Self-propelled overcome a steep slope.

Sappers make their way through the broken bridge.

The road race convoys, the soldiers traveling by bicycles, a soldier on wheels children's scooter.

Moving tanks, motorized artillery.

German planes over Maubeuge, view of a burning city, the road on top, a broken railway.

Troops enter the city.

Town hall, around the ruins, fires.

Show a military monument.

In the streets broken French tanks.

The German advance through Saint-Quentin to the shore of the English channel.

Overlooking the dusty road through the gap of the tank.

Everywhere broken French tanks, cars, appliances.

Meet are refugees.

German torpedo boats and destroyers in the English channel.

They are sent to combat the March on Paris, England.

Moving tank column, close-up caterpillars.

Tank crushes a tree.

Key words

France, 1940, soldiers, tanks, artillery, motorized, air, fire, ruins, refugees, Navy, broken appliances

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