Tonwoche № 509 (1940)

Newsreel №63984, 4 parts, duration: 0:31:25, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Military action in Belgium.

The German offensive on Tour.

On the field moving the German avant-garde, the gunners set the gun on the side of the road.

Soldiers crossing on pontoon bridge across the river.

Troops on Tour are street fighting, carefully moving through the streets, lie in danger, are shooting from doorways, corners of buildings.

View the Tour from the height, is dominated by the Cathedral.

Views of destruction in the city center.

Abandoned tanks, guns.

The capitulation of the Belgian army.

Representatives of king Leopold meet representatives of the German army.

Negotiations with the Belgian officers to surrender at the table in the building.

A car with German envoys sent to the location of the Belgian troops with a proposal for disarmament, the road.

On the sidelines are going to meet the refugees, horse-drawn carts Belgian troops.

German negotiators in the headquarters of the Belgian army.

The disarmament of the Belgian army, throw in a bunch of rifles, helmets.

On the square in front of city hall are German troops.

Unarmed Belgian soldiers.

Spoils of war: guns, tanks.

The wounded prisoners are provided with medical assistance.

The prisoners eat.

German soldiers and female prisoners are handing out chocolate.

A column of prisoners on the road, trucks.

To their homes returned civilian population.

A view of the river, the refugees pass through the pontoon bridge, crossing in boats.

German soldiers help the Belgian women and children to cross the river, carry the stroller, helping to shore up the cart with things.

Refugees are cattle, ride bikes, driven cars with things.

On the streets by German soldiers helping the refugees to take the trolley with things.

Woman smiling soldier.

The distribution of refugee food from the field kitchen.

The population of the talks with German soldiers.

Key words

Belgium, 1940, war, soldiers, ruins, tanks, government officials, refugees, wounded, captured, Pets, field kitchen, river, bridges, surrender, truce, disarmament, military trophies, women, children, population

Reel №2

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The advance of German troops towards the coast.

The crossing of German equipment and weapons using the restored bridges. pnrm. the ruined city of Ostend.

Ruins of houses.

The view of the Gothic Cathedral from the canal, destroyed the station, broken cars, rails, port facilities.

The German gunners mounted on the gun Wharf.

Fortified positions of the German troops, the barrels of the guns facing the sea.


The German offensive on Langemark.

Horse artillery, infantry, cyclists are on the streets of the city.

Ferry troops through the channels on bridges.

Inflatable boats ferried guns heavy artillery.

A pointer to the IRP, the soldiers pointing at him.

Artillery battery near Ypres, pointing guns, shooting.

View of the ruined city.

Soldiers on the streets of Ypres.

Views disguised Belgian bunker that is occupied by the Germans.

Carts drive on dirt.

Tanks in the main square of the city.

Tower tanks with inscriptions.

Crumbling arch - a monument to the British, were fighting in the 1st world war.

German Panzer division left the Ypres and moves in the direction of Dunkirk /Dunkerque/.

Views of tanks moving over rough terrain.

Occupied Belgian trenches.

Blowing Nazi flag.

Rewarding soldiers with signs of the assault detachment, awarded the soldiers.

Captured the bunker, out from the prisoners.

On the walls of the bunker with bullet holes.

March of German troops on the road to Valenciennes, on the bridge going the cavalry.

Shield with French inscriptions.

The ruins of the city.

Captured aircraft plant.

Assembly shop of aircraft.

Are ready the planes, I will not make any departure.

The view of the French airfield, captured by German troops.

Drawing on air: the Gallic cock.

A German plane is ready to fly.

Key words

Belgium, 1940, ruins, artillery
France, 1940, war, artillery, cavalry, infantry, ruins, soldiers, tanks, awards, prisoners of war, cavalry, plant, aviation, ferry, channels, bunkers, monuments, planes

Reel №3

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German planes fly to the bombing of the city of Cambrai.

Flying bombs.

Bottom visible gaps, bombed-out city blocks with the lowest point.

View of the station of Cambrai a few hours later: destroyed the platforms.

Troops moving forward through the city.

Riding tanks, artillery, trucks with soldiers.

The column passes by the windmill.

In the village street cavalry, motorcyclists.

Disguised part of the tank, preparing for the attack.

Tank radio listening a summary of the Wehrmacht.

Soldiers at rest, they eat, smoke, clean weapons, sleep.

The soldier holding the foot basin, reading the newspaper.

A pig wanders into the trench.

The soldiers are washed in the VAT, near him wandering chickens.

Lunch from the field kitchen.

The dog stands on his hind legs, asking for food, she poured the soup.

Moving on the road carts, on the side of the abandoned equipment.

The attack on Arras.

Attack infantry artillery firing.

View of the remaining intact area in front of city hall.

German troops on the streets of Arras.

A small respite before the attack on Bethune.

The movement of troops, trucks, cyclists on the road, on the side of the broken guns of the enemy.

Combat operations of the armed units of the SS. Shoot the grenade.

Street fighting in the city.

German soldiers are moving in short rushes, pull the guns to new positions.

On the streets of the broken remnants of the French barricades of wrecked machinery, barrels and debris.

Soldiers marching down the street.

Is military equipment.

Traces of the retreat of British troops blown up houses, abandoned machinery.

The actions of tank units supported by infantry at Amiens.

The ruins of the city, the dilapidated Cathedral.

Key words

France, 1940, the air force bombing, ruins, tanks, artillery, railroad, soldiers, cavalry, Pets, stay at the front, military operations, SS, barricade

Reel №4

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Burning Amiens.

The attack on Boulogne, which was taken immediately.

Burning ships on the channel.

There are street fights, shoot German guns, cannons.

Burn the port facilities.

The walls of the buildings are of the English machine.

English and French soldiers surrendering, waving white rags, carry the wounded.

German soldiers look at the prisoners.

German troops March towards Calais.

The trucks on the road.

Wandering horse, lying dead horse. pnrm. on the oil burning British warehouses.

The view of the town hall of Calais.

Are street battles, soldiers deploying on the street gun.

Blown water pipe in a street.

The movement of German tanks on the road, on the side of the broken guns and equipment.

Soldiers walk amid the ruins of the city.

German patrol on the coast, the soldiers set the machine gun in the sea.

In the Bay of the burning transport ship.

Night RAID by German aircraft at Dunkirk.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Aerial view of the canal, Dunkirk.

The bombing of the city, ruins of buildings at the bottom.

German troops in the campaign.

Rides the cavalry.

Infantry marching to the sounds of the song.

Key words

France, 1940, fires, military actions, soldiers, prisoners, wounded, tanks, ruins, air force, bombardment, cavalry

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