Tonwoche № 510-1 (1940)

Newsreel №63985, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:31, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


German composer Richard Strauss played the piano his new work dedicated to the 2600 anniversary of the Japanese Empire.

Near the piano are Japanese deputies, Ambassador, officials from Tokyo.

Strauss read a welcome address to the Japanese Ambassador and through him the score works in Tokyo.

The construction of oil rigs and oil production in Slovakia.

Working well is being drilled, take out the core.

Oil goes in the discharge channel.

Man puts hand in the oil stream, looks at it.

Send German reservists to the Western front.

Detachment marching down the road with the song.

Landing in cars.

Soldiers from the wagon shakes hands with a soldier on the platform.

The train departs, the soldiers waving from the Windows with his hands.

In Rome are fascist demonstrations in connection with the Declaration of war by Italy.

Mussolini speaks from the balcony of a historic Palace in front of a crowd of people gathered in the square.

The people of Genoa welcomed the demonstrators.

Close-up of the standard of the Italian Legion in Germany "Federico Guella".

Foreign Minister Ribbentrop and the Minister of Alfieri in the building.

People gathered downstairs, pulling his hands in the Nazi salute.

Hanging a swastika flag.

The crowd in the square in Rome with the enthusiasm welcomes Mussolini.

Of the Mediterranean sea.

Manoeuvres of the Italian Navy.

Italian submarines in port, out to sea.

Sailor down the hatch, closes the bulkhead.

The engine room of the boat.

The officer raises the periscope to the surface, is monitored.

Sailors prepare to launch a torpedo.

Squadron at sea.

Over ships flying seaplanes.

On the water race boats.

Top view of ships.

Italian flag on the mast of the ship.

Western front.

Western Europe map with marked on it borders Germany, Belgium and Holland.

Scheme of the military operations of Germany, a retrospective view.

With the transition of the German troops on may 10 in a counter-offensive of the border moved to the West.

May 15, breached the Maginot line.

May 16 - the capitulation of the Netherlands, may 26 - the fall of Calais.

May 28 - surrender of Belgium.

Departure of the German "Stukas" on the blockade of the Strait of Pas-de-Calais.

The pilot closes the cockpit.

The Bombing Of Dunkirk.

View of the city from the air, exploding shells on the ground.

Dive at a new target.

Pilot's hands on the control stick, the plane rises.

German bombers fly to destroy the English vessels.

The RAID on the port of Dunkirk, dropping bombs on ships.

German coastal battery preparing to open fire on British ships.

The flying British planes, explosions on the ground.

In response beat the German anti-aircraft guns.

Downed English airplane falls into the sea, the pilot descends by parachute.

German soldiers watching from the ground for air combat.

Shot down another plane, it flies low over the water, touching its wing, falls and explodes (bold frame).

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

On the coast lie the broken British aircraft.

On the road leading to the city - destroyed the British and French vehicles and tanks.

A pointer to Dunkirk.

View of the ruined city.

Past the ruins car rides.

On the Cathedral flies the flag.

The city is going German motorcyclists.

The streets are broken armored vehicles, trucks, cars, lying abandoned weapons.

There are tanks with broken tracks.

In port the burning of the court, are broken vessels.

Above the port is deepened black smoke.

Half of the ships in the Harbor, the abandoned ships on the shore, lying on the side of the ship in the water.

On the sandy beach lies abandoned and broken equipment, guns, anti-aircraft guns. pnrm. on military trophies.

German soldiers examine a broken ship on the beach.

On the shore an abandoned rubber boat, English helmet, tochal of sand.

German soldiers walk past the guns, the shells in the containers.

Close-up of comic figure at the instrument: on the gnome shell.

Prisoners are on the way to the city.

They smile into the camera, remove the caps, waving them.

Hitler makes a trip to the Western front.

The car with the Fuhrer passes through ruined Ypres.

View the Gothic Cathedral and the town hall, the ruins of the triumphal arch.

Hitler, accompanied by generals Keitel, Kluge, Bodensatz goes through the city.

General Reichenau at the map attached to the wall, reports to Hitler about the situation at the front.

Hitler and generals inspecting the troops, they bypass the guard, try soldier's porridge from the field kitchen.

Hitler says goodbye to staff Reichenau sits in the car, the soldiers surround the car, watching the Fuhrer.

Hitler stands in the car, greeting soldiers.

Hitler in the cemetery of heroes Langemark, the ceremony honors fallen soldiers.

Military cemetery with crosses.

German paratroopers over Narvik, paratroopers jump with parachutes, land on the snow in mountainous terrain, collect dropped weapons.

The group of paratroopers in the ranks.

Squad in camouflage lies on the hill, the soldiers fired from rifles, machine guns.

View of the Straits.

Panorama Of Narvik.

Big German offensive in Northern France that began June 6, 1940.

A pointer to Merville, view of the Cathedral.

The advance of the German motorized units through French towns and villages.

The reserve troops moving to the front.

The crossing of the river Somme tanks and armored vehicles.

Burning French tanks.

The Germans inspect the damaged French tank, taken prisoner with his crew.

A flight of German bombers over Paris and its surroundings.

A view of the earth.

Squadron in flight.

Close-up face of the pilot, behind it are the flying planes.

Planes over the Seine, began bombing the city.

At the bottom is the Eiffel tower, the bridges.

Explosions on the big train station, the bombing of roads, airfield, hangars.

German squadron covered the sky.

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