Tonwoche № 510 (1940)

Newsreel №63986, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:20, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Western front.

Transport of German wounded from the front to the rear.

Medics carry the wounded on stretchers, passing by ambulance.

The soldiers are slightly wounded themselves.

Wounded being loaded onto the plane, they are in the cabin.

Landing, sending the wounded on the machines in the rear of the hospital.

While waiting, send the wounded listen to the report from the front sent via the broadcast from radiomaria.

Hitler makes a trip to the front.

The car with the Fuhrer passes through ruined Ypres.

View the Gothic Cathedral and the town hall, the ruins of the triumphal arch.

At the headquarters of General Reichenau the card reports to Hitler about the situation at the front.

Hitler, accompanied by generals Keitel, Kluge, Bodensatz inspects the troops, they bypass the soldier eating at field kitchens.

Hitler's generals arrives at Langemark towards the car, mechanized artillery, tanks.

Soldiers greet the Fuhrer.

Hitler in the cemetery of heroes Langemark, the ceremony honors fallen soldiers.


In Rome are fascist demonstrations in connection with the Declaration by Italy of war.

Selling Newspapers on the streets, in kiosks.

On the streets marching legionaries.

Minister Marinacci speaks at a street rally in Florence.

The people of Genoa to greet the protesters, the flag of the Italian Legion in Germany.

Foreign Minister Ribbentrop and Alfieri on the balcony in front of a large crowd gathered in the square.

The German air RAID on Paris.

A flight of German bombers over Paris and its surroundings.

Behind the scenes the music of Wagner.

Squadron in flight, the pilot's face.

Planes over the Seine, the bombing begins.

Explosions on the big train station.

The attack of German bombers on the French airfield.

Key words

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Hitler in his main apartment.

Hitler walking in the Park, while walking he studies a summary of the military.

With generals Keitel and Yodeler he discusses the plans of card.

Western front.

General Brauchitsch out from the headquarters, gets in car and goes to the front.

The offensive in France.

A large offensive of Nazi troops in Northern France that began June 6, 1940.

The advance of the German motorized troops through French towns and villages.

A pointer to the town of Laon (Laon).

The Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, the city soldiers marching.

A pointer to Merville.

Go German motorcyclists.

The city is moving tanks and cars.

Crossing the Somme tanks and armored vehicles.

The Germans inspect the damaged French tank, taken prisoner with his crew.

German soldiers on the streets, go street fighting.

German gun hits the street.

Soldiers carry shells, a battery of artillery hit the city, burning houses. pnrm. on captured French guns, technology.

French prisoners of war.

Precast transit point for prisoners of war, they sit on the ground.

The face of the prisoner.

The column of prisoners sent to the camp.

On the road the refugees with things.

Captured by the British.

Key words

Germany, 1940, Hitler, personalities, military leaders
Western front, 1940, generals, personalities
France, 1940, motorized troops, soldiers, tanks, prisoners of war, military actions, artillery, explosions, fires, military trophies
France, 1940, prisoners, refugees

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