Tonwoche № 513 (1940)

Newsreel №63989, 1 part, duration: 0:10:00, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Christmas celebration in Germany.

Children in kindergarten meet St.

Nicholas, who comes to them with a bag of gifts.

The children sing the chorus of a Christmas song for the parents.


The leader of the German Nazi youth Schirach attends military school.

It bypasses the cadets, talking to the boys.


Oath of the soldiers of the artillery battalion at a military plant.

On earth are the pyramids of rifles.

Young soldiers repeat the oath.

Workers send a new rifle recruits, the officer hands them in turn.

Western front.

The fighting in France.

Map: English channel, Dunkirk, Saint-Nazaire, etc. items.

Port, British prisoners stand against the wall of the building, get food.

Companions help keep the wounded, the Germans crossed the captives in boats.

German soldiers photographed prisoners on the street.

The German and Hungarian generals at headquarters are currently discussing the situation with the card.

Speech to the microphone of the generals.

Nurse preparing Christmas gifts for the soldiers at the front.

Mail arrives at the front of the soldiers get letters and packages.

View of the coast from the plane in the sea you can see the cluster of ships.

Overland moving German tanks at sea sailing German ships.

On the banks of broken equipment, vessels, destroyed the bridge.


Generals watching the movement of troops, stopped a young soldier, talking to him.

Infantry goes through the mud.

On the ground lay the broken guns and equipment.

Destroyed houses in the city.

The house is a broken tank.

On the broken bombing the streets are abandoned guns, and broken machine.

The gun soldiers lay dead.

Germans are captured.

On a dirt road going trucks, camouflaged with branches, the soldiers and attached implements.

Tanks in a snowy forest.

Soldiers with Panzerfaust in hand.

On the field is broken English tank.

The soldiers look into the sky, where planes left a trail of smoke, there is a bombing.

Fighting continues until dusk.

In the night city raging fires.

Anti-aircraft guns hit British aircraft, the plane falls and explodes on the ground.

German tanks continue.

Soldiers walk past the ruins, lie the corpses of enemy soldiers.

German planes on the airfield.

Squadron flying wedge, the bombing of the British aircraft on the ground.

Dogfight with the fighters.

British plane hit, it scatters into the air.

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