Tonwoche № 514 (1940)

Newsreel №63990, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:02, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In Budapest held the funeral of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary of count csáky.

View of the Parliament building.

The funeral ceremony in the dome hall of the Parliament.

The ceremony was attended by the Regent Admiral Horthy.


Kennel silver Fox in winter, view of the nursery from the top, the foxes in cages.

The attendant carries the food in the bucket.

A man pulls a Fox shows her, holding up the tail.

Catching foxes with the help of a net and dogs.

The post hanging skins of foxes.

USA. The models demonstrate long elegant dresses, suits and hats.

A woman in a long dress sitting on the couch, powders her face.

A model goes to the mirror, looks udelaet earrings, another lights a cigarette from the candle.

The fashion show of hats.


Skiing children and adults.

Guys go skiing in the ranks behind the instructor.

Skiers are resting, brush the ski ointment.

USA. Skiers ascend the cable car to the mountain, race down.

Falling skiers in the slalom.

Two men in costume robes down the mountain on skis.

The wind blew up the suits, helping them gently to plan the track.

At dusk skiers ascend the suspension on the road with torches in hand, torches rushing down the mountain.


Ski competition in the protectorate, Sudetenland.

The 10m springboard.

Spectators watch the jumping.

German athlete Joseph Brado sets a new record in ski jumping.


Bike race around town in rainy weather.

Racing continues on rough terrain outside the city.

Racers run the hill, holding a bike ride along a country road in the woods.

Winner in front of the camera.

German shepherd serving in the Japanese army.

The use of dogs for transmission of emergency messages in battle.

Soldiers with dogs are fleeing the attack.

After the maneuvers, the soldiers with their Pets, they Pat dogs.

Shepherd with puppies.

German and Italian aircraft on the airfield in southern Italy.

Here is a point of concentration the aviation area of the Mediterranean sea against the British air force.

Refueling of aircraft fuel.

Pilots rest, lie on the ground.

Mechanics checked the car.

The squadron flies into the air, heading for Malta is the most important strategic point on the English channel.

Views a huge bomb hanging from the bottom of the plane.

Squadron flying over the sea.

Begins the bombing of La Valletta, down flying projectiles.

The bomber swoops to the ground.

Views of the fortifications of La Valletta.

German submarine in the campaign in the South Atlantic.

Sailor repairing something on the deck, screaming into the hatch.

With the boat floating dolphins.

The team on deck celebrates the moment of crossing the equator.

The sailor in the costume of Neptune conducts the rite of initiation of newcomers.

The men in various costumes: wear a priest reads a book, another in a dress flirting with the sailors.

Sailors poured out of the hose.

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Reel №2

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The boat continues on his way.

Observers with binoculars on the tower.

On the horizon, visible smoke pipe of the enemy ships.

Alarm, attack the enemy ship, it drowned.

The crew in the boats.

The shelling of the British warship.

There was an explosion, reaching black smoke.

The crew of the sunken ship be on Board the boat.

Burning tanker, set ablaze a submarine.

Berlin was the German-Italian cultural Congress of student organizations.

The youth Minister of Italy, Gatti laid a wreath at the grave of the fallen heroes in the Pantheon.


German heavy artillery on the channel.

Close-up of the barrel of a gun.

Gunners load a gun, shoot towards the sea.

Guns are under the protective netting.

The shells are received on a special chute to the gun.

Gunner throws the spent cartridge case.

Anti-aircraft guns in action.

One of the units of the Luftwaffe.

View of the new heavy bomber "Condor".

Soldiers go for a plane.

Mechanics check the car, is refueling. "Condor" takes off, night flying.

The pilots in the cockpit, in the way they drink from a thermos of coffee.

Aircraft flying to the Suez canal, they over the sea.

The bombing of the ship, the burning.

Hungarian defense Minister Karol von Bart arrives at reichskanzlei for a meeting with Hitler.

The car pulls up to the building, stands guard of honor.

The Minister greeted the generals are in the building.

A conversation with Hitler at the table.

Japanese military delegation at the reception of Hitler.

General Yamashita welcomed Hitler.

Hitler bypasses the Japanese military, shakes hands.

The Grand meeting in the sports Palace in Berlin on the anniversary of the national socialist movement.

The aisle are Hitler, Goebbels, rise to the podium.

People greet the führer, pulling his hands.

Hitler's speech to the German people.

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