Tonwoche № 534 (1941)

Newsreel №63997, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:56, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The Spanish Minister of education ibañez Martin arrives in Barcelona for the presentation of diplomas to graduates of the University.

Along the walls of the building are lined up the students in uniform.

The parade of students to the Minister.

The graduation ceremony in the auditorium of the University.

The Swedish king Gustav V visited the Institute in Stockholm.

King in the dining room of the Institute, watching as chefs prepare their rolls.

Then the king and Queen are held in the Assembly hall, decorated with flowers, sit in the first row.


Bust of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who visited Prague.

Drawing home of Mozart in Prague.

The restoration of the house according to the drawings, a building in the woods.

Carpenter repairing window, strengthens beam, the wizard makes the carvings on the wooden beams.

Working beats the old plaster from the walls, there are murals.

A Portrait Of Mozart.

Composer room with white piano.

At the window a bust of Mozart figurines, vases, manuscripts.

The score of the Opera "don Giovanni".

Vintage poster for the play "don Juan", models of theatrical scenery.

The Bust Of Mozart.

Foreign journalists visited the Atelier of the famous sculptor Arno Breker, the Creator of monumental works.

The sculpture "the sword bearer", a close-up of the head of the hero.

Brecker with a student working on the giant head sculpture.

Plaster figures of horses.

Brecker among journalists.


The presentation marks the new members of the fascist youth organization near the building of the cinema.

Lines of young people raising their arms in a Nazi salute.

The marching ranks ahead of drummers and buglers.

Poland (?) Labor processes in the steel shop at the open-hearth furnace.

The work of the restored tractor factory is assembling tracts.

Ready tractors in the field.

Military operations in the Leningrad area.

Reconstruction of the bridge across the river, the bridge is a train.

Military train on the platform.

Soviet prisoners handling, they throw in the trucks warm clothes, sent for the German soldiers.

Trucks come in a fighting position, soldiers unload barrels, crates of food, meat carcasses.

The Germans settled into winter quarters, huts written a humorous name.

Soldiers with firewood comes into the dugout, heats the stove.

Soldiers dismantled sent fur clothing: fur coats, fur hats, mittens.

The German wears a camouflage suit, holding a hat.

Special winter boots and a coat for observers and sentries.

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Reel №2

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Military actions near Moscow.

The map on the screen.

The attack on the Soviet position to the North of Moscow, the actions of infantry and artillery.

Burning huts in the village.

The soldiers run past houses, find the bunker, equipped in the basement of the house.

Soviet positions and fortifications, captured by the Germans.

Broken guns, snow-covered corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Road in 100 km from Moscow.

Equipment and tanks driving through thick mud.

Cars skidding in the clay, the soldiers push them back.

Soldiers riding on tanks.

Soldiers with shovels clearing the mud, they have wading boots.

Soldiers trying to get out of the mud sunken boot.

Tank pulls a lorry with ammunition.

Tanks go through the village.

The southern sector of the front.

View Kharkov from the plane.

Visible train tracks and buildings.

Huge industrial enterprise.

German light plane landed at the Kharkov Central square the buildings of Gosprom and others.

Pathetic home workers and the poor on the administrative background of high buildings.

From the huts a woman hanging linen on the street.

German sappers restore blown up the bridge across the Dnieper.

Grand opening of the bridge, constructed by German builders.

The people on the shore looking at the bridge.

Along the shore on the background of the bridge are columns of Soviet prisoners.

A separate column "identified" Jews, a view of columns from the air.

Faces of the soldiers, a typical Semitic face.

Prisoners sit on the ground.

Victory parade in Bucharest.

King Mihai attaches the order to the banners of the units which distinguished themselves in the battles for Odessa.

Marshal Antonescu and General-field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel watching the ceremony.

Is rewarding officers.

The parade, the marching infantry, transportation equipment.

Marching honorary company of the Wehrmacht and the Navy.


Fly German heavy bombers.

The pilot in the cockpit takes from the drawer a thermos of coffee drinkers.

The plane flies over the Strait, the view of the English coast.

The bombers attack on the English convoy, flying bombs.

Burning ships at sea.

The bombardment ships with machine guns.

Radio operator sends a message.

Key words

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English channel, 1941, world war 2, air force, Navy, bombing

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