Tonwoche № 535 (1941)

Newsreel №63998, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:19, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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In Lisbon opened the German architectural exhibition, which was visited by President Carmona.

The chief inspector of the Reich on the architecture of Speer, accompanied the President at the exhibition, showing models of buildings, squares, the German pavilion at the world exhibition in Paris.

In Budapest at the military cemetery ceremony of remembrance of the fallen soldiers during the first world war.

The monument with the cross, the soldiers ' graves.

The laying of wreaths at the monument and flowers on the graves.

A lottery draw in Riga.

A crowd of people at the entrance to the pavilion.

The population and the soldiers at the table with different things placed on the lottery: kitchenware, ceramics, textiles, dolls, clocks, etc., people buy tickets.

A man sees the skates.

The lottery drawing, a toy gun fires a ticket.

Women in national costumes at the tables with prizes.

The soldier takes the dish a rolled tube ticket.

Girls offer refreshments - tea and biscuits, poured the wine.

Agricultural products in bags and boxes: potatoes, pumpkins, cabbage.

A man plays the prize in front of an audience, presenting it to the winner.

Christmas in Latvia.

On the background of snow-covered fir trees swinging bell.

From the woods comes a deer.

Children with parents on the Christmas tree in the hall.

Children look at decorated Christmas tree.

Women distribute gifts to the children.

Santa Claus congratulates children.

Demonstration of labor collectives at the sports Palace in Berlin.

Above the stage hangs the motto: "Europe will win!".

Drummers play.

The aisle is the head of the German Labor front, Dr.

Ley and his entourage.

The audience raises her hand in a Nazi salute.

Bearers marching with the labour banner.

Lay speaks.

Eastern workers in the audience, girls in national Ukrainian shirts.

German circus Bush on tour in Madrid.

In the arena, enclosed by railings, a room with lions and tigers.

In a circle there are two of the camel and elephant, the audience applauds.

Aerial acrobat under the big top, the clowns.

Tamer with two elephants.

An acrobat performs stunts on the horse's back.

Trainer with 10 Arab horses, they rise on the hind legs.

At the racetrack in Buenos Aires, competitions in steeplechase.

Women wear the costumes of the public.

In competitions involving military women.


At a closed stadium hosted a hockey match between two German clubs.

Moments of the match.

Amongst the many soldiers.

Sultan Mohammed V at the national festival in Rabat.

He rides on horseback accompanied by foot soldiers.

The inhabitants bow to the Sultan.

French General, Hunziger present at the celebration.

Horse racing Moroccan soldiers with guns in their hands.

The English aircraft carrier "Ark Royal" sunk by German submarine in the Mediterranean sea (footage of the English chronicle).

Sailors and equipment near the aircraft on the deck.

Soldiers suspended from the aircraft bomb.

The rise of the British aircraft from an aircraft carrier for a flight to Tripoli.


The German planes on the airfield and in flight over the desert.

The music of Wagner.

Planes bombed positions of the British at the Libyan border, the British tank column.

Planes bombed positions of the British, shooting at the lowest point.

Dogfight with British planes hit, English plane crashes, burns.

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Reel №2

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Military action in the Crimea.

German artillery firing in Simferopol.

The shelling of Soviet troops.

Soviet soldiers surrendering, an endless column of prisoners moving along the road.

German troops on the March, the entrance to Simferopol, cars driving on city streets.

House with posters and billboards. "Our cause is just, enemy will be defeated, victory will be ours", "Be proud, be proud to be a soldier in a row!".

German soldiers are on the street, the locals on the sidewalks.

Hold captured soldiers.

Destroyed railway station, on the rails, broken trains, captured an armored train.

The movement of German troops in Yalta.

German soldiers riding in trucks with guns in the back, passing carts on horseback.

Shelling the Soviet position at Yalta, mortar fires.

German avant-garde on the hill overlooking the city.

Tanks enter in Yalta, sitting on them soldiers.

Burning streets.

The movement of troops and carts on the streets of Yalta and the promenade past the Livadia Palace.

the foreign guests.

The cars we drive to the entrance of the Reich Chancellery.

The arrival of the Japanese Ambassador in Berlin, count Oshima, the Minister for foreign Affairs of Finland Vitting, Slovakian Prime Minister Tuka, the Spanish Minister Serrano Sunier, Minister of Manchukuo Liu And Vienna, the Bulgarian foreign Minister Popov, the Danish Minister of foreign Affairs of Scavenius, Italian foreign Minister count Ciano, the foreign Minister Bardossy of Hungary, Romanian foreign Minister Mihai Antonescu.

Guests in the Embassy room of the Reich Chancellery.

Conference room the conference dedicated to the anniversary.

Statement by Ribbentrop on the theme "building a new Europe".

The ceremonial signing of the joint Declaration.

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