Tonwoche № 536 (1941)

Newsreel №63999, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:16, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The ceremony of the funeral of General Charles Huntziger, who died in a plane crash.

Come out of the Church priests, the head of the Vichy government, Petain, officials, members of delegations from other countries, the views of the German delegation, headed by Ribbentrop.

The street is a military band, soldiers marching.

Peten the target of the German delegation, shakes hands.

The coffin was placed on a hearse, driven down the street, soldiers carry wreaths, residents escorted the procession.


Nurses from the red cross assemble packages for soldiers on the Eastern front.

The soldiers sitting in the hall at long tables with food and bottles of wine.

Before them stands the national team, girls in national costumes sing in unison, the soldiers clap.

At the end of the presentation the soldiers dismantle gifts.


Wounded German soldiers are engaged in various crafts.

In the workshop, where they make toys for children.

Wounded soldier carved wood figure, other makes of wooden spoon carving.

The soldier holding in his hands a wooden crocodile moving.

Craftsmen carved wood rider eagle with a swastika, a harness with horse dolls.

The artist paints toys.

The finished product.


Salt extraction on the coast.

Men shoveling salt from the water, poured the crystals into a pile.

Salt loaded on trolleys, in baskets strapped to donkeys.

A caravan of donkeys with salt is on the shore.

Loading salt onto ships.

Views of Prague from the Vltava river, the Royal river bridge.

Young artists make sketches of the Royal bridge in the open air.

The city, by area, ride the trams, is a fleet of buses.

Controller on the street.

Repairing paths in the city, repair of transport.

A workshop for the manufacture of road signs, installing them on poles.

The traffic controller looks at his watch, out the city at night.

The traffic in the daytime.

A policeman detains a man who is trying to cross the street in front of a moving car.


Blasting operations in granite quarry.

Split masonry blocks of granite, transporterowych it to the workshop.

The master process granite, carving out his columns and other interior decoration of buildings.

Grinding granite machine.

The use of granite in the construction of buildings, installation of the columns.

The drawings decorating the walls.

In the sports hall of Copenhagen gymnasts perform in front of an audience.

Girls perform mass exercises, there are competitions in show jumping.

Berlin is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the signing of the anti-Comintern Pact.

The arrival of foreign guests gather in the hall.

Foreign Minister Bardossy of Hungary comes to Hitler, he shakes his hand.

Foreign Minister Ribbentrop meets with Finnish Minister of Vitting, Bulgarian Minister Popova, Vice-President of Romania Michael Antonescu, the Slovakian Prime Minister Tuka.

Hitler sitting on the couch, talking with the Danish foreign Minister Scavenius.

In hall pass, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Croatia, Cincar-Markovic, Minister of foreign Affairs count Ciano, the Spanish Minister Serrano Sunyer.

Guests are welcomed Goering, Goebbels.

Hitler talking with guests.

General Jodl at the map gives explanations guests of the meeting.

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Reel №2

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Military operations in the Leningrad area.

Guns firing through the city, explosions.

Soldiers in the trenches, firing a rocket launcher.

Field headquarters, a radio operator with the handset.

Marines in camouflage fleeing the attack.

Crimea, the Tatar ditch.

A new railway, constructed by German builders, the railroad, for it is a train with soldiers, food.

Highway near the southern coast, the trucks with arms and food are the tunnels.

In the mountains are horse-drawn wagons, carts.

Kerch shelling with heavy weapons, assault troops in the offensive.


Military action in the area of Tobruk.

German officers at a meeting in the desert.

Shoot the German and Italian artillery.

Tanks are preparing to attack followed by the soldiers.

The overcoming of wire entanglements.

Night battle, the soldiers are in the smoke and fire.

In the dark beat flamethrowers.

Key words

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