Tonwoche № 537 (1941)

Newsreel №64000, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:14, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The Grand mufti of Jerusalem, who with great difficulty got to Germany through Italy, arrives for a meeting with Hitler.

The reception at the Reich Chancellery, Hitler shaking hands, talking with a guest.


Station Florentin-Verini, Marshal Petain arrives in the car, he is met Goering.

They are held in the Marshal's car to discuss the issues in France.

After a visit Petain and Admiral Darlan say goodbye to Goering.


Admiral Horthy to the ceremony of awarding the volunteer division from the Eastern front, he is on the red carpet to the dais.

Is cavalry.

Wife Horthy attaches to the banner of the division premium tape, Horthy, presenting awards to military.

Are officials, residents of the city.

Parade in front of the Regent, galloping cavalry is horse artillery, the military band plays.


In the General government a re-working of the sugar factory.

Unloading wagons with sugar beet.

Production processes at the factory, which is equipped with a generator.

The factory produces 70 million kg of sugar.

Sugar poured into bags.


The building of the national art school, the sign above the door.

Women learn to spin yarn and work on a home loom.

Art class: students draw from life in front of them is a girl with two pony.

Class decorators.

The student draws a sketch of the scene, costumes.

Model scenery scene.

Dance Studio, the girls are rehearsing at the Barre.

A dance performance on stage in front of friends.

Sports Palace in Berlin.

The Olympic Champions in figure skating Ernst Baier and Maxi Gerbera.

Among the spectators many soldiers.


The hockey competition at the outdoor stadium, surrounded by an old fortress.

Moments of the game.

Cycling in Brussels in the indoor hall, in the competition participated athletes from Belgium, France, Holland.

Western front.

The Atlantic coast of Europe.

German airfield.

Observer with binoculars observes the appearance of British planes, gives alarm.

German fighters take off, starts the air battle.

Tracer bullets in the air.

Falls stricken plane English.

German squadron over the channel.

Plane closeup in the cockpit visible to the pilot, shooting at enemy ships.

English downed aircraft in shallow water.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Western front.

Atlantic shores of Europe.

German sailors flee on the boat, out to sea in search of a downed English pilot.

They're getting closer to floating in the water wing of the English plane in which lies the pilot.

It will be transferred to the boat, put some cigarette.

The Central section of the front near Moscow.

Massive attack Guderian's tanks and infantry in the direction of Moscow.

Tanks driving through town on the dirty snow-covered road.

A vehicle wades through a huge puddle, dragging the gun.

On the side of the road soldiers.

German artillery fires.

The tanks in snowy field fleeing soldiers.

Tanks firing on the village, burning houses.

Map of North Africa, the district of Tobruk, Benghazi, Marsa Matrouk.

German artillery moved to new positions.

Cars with attached guns rushing into dust in the desert.

Arrival at the position, the installation of the guns.

Reflection attack British tanks.

Italian aircraft bombed from the air tanks.

German fighters "Stukas" in the air, down flying bombs.

Burning British tanks.

British soldiers surrendering, the Germans lead the column of prisoners, large plans.

Prisoners are transported by trucks, among them are seen the soldiers of the colonial troops.

Intermediate camp of English prisoners, they sit on the ground.

German tanks driving through the desert, by way of inciting the Fort.

Shooting of the English artillery, she meets an Italian battery.

German soldiers crawl, shoot from rifles.

Infantry in the attack, she overcomes the strengthening of barbed wire, soldiers throwing grenades on the run.

Are killed by British soldiers.

Key words

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Eastern front, 1941, world war 2, tanks, armored vehicles, soldiers, artillery, fires
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