Tonwoche № 539 (1941)

Newsreel №64001, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:39, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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A portrait of Mozart, its score.

Bookmark the monument to Mozart in Prague on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the composer's death.

Laying of the capsule into the base of the monument.

The Czech Philharmonic, Rafael Kubelik conducts the orchestra.

Celebration in Vienna.

At St.

Stephen's Cathedral, hang the flags of different countries.

The bowl of fire and a monogram of the letter M, the laying of wreaths.

The audience of the Vienna Philharmonic, where there is a concert of the Symphony orchestra.

The Bust Of Mozart.


Winter landscape.

The city by the river, the fortress. pnrm. the city of Bauska.

On the snow are German tanks.

Occupied Poland, on the square are sleighs, horse-drawn cabs waiting for passengers.

Men unload bags.

Vocational school for teenagers in carpentry.

They are made of wood shovel.

Processing of wood raw materials for skis.


Civilians rents for the army skis and boots.

The little boy with the boots walked to the table the reception center, soldiers shaking hands with him.

In Copenhagen in connection with the ensuing cold weather the swans from the lake, transferred to another pond.

Men to catch the swans with the help of a net, carry them on hand.

Fishing in Moravia protectorate.

Fishermen pull the net through the shallow water, pulled the fish to shore, put in baskets.

Close-up of a large catfish.

The inventor of the outputs from the garage my car based on the motorcycle, sit in it, demonstrates various instruments, going on the road.

USA. Running girls with piglets in his hands.

Girls are put in the barrels of pigs, then bring them down from the hill and on lined paths, climb with them through the fence, across the Creek.

The winner with a Piglet in his hands.

Performance variety show in the Berlin theatre "Skala".

Dancing girls in sparkly bathing suits with epaulets and a sword in hand.

Riga, the announcement of the recruitment of volunteers 1920-22 year of birth from 10 to 31 January 1942.

Volunteers in the construction units included in the receiving point.

The officers turn to him with a speech.

The entry in the squads.

Recruits go to the barracks, the meeting hall.

Detachment with shovels in hand, marching to the construction site along the shore.

The construction of the house.

On the track trolleys to move the earth, near the track of the young man playing the piano.

RAD soldiers on the uprooting of the forest for field work.

The squad is riding a bike through the woods.

Sports volunteers: they run on the sand, play with balls.

Volunteers near the barracks, the rest after work.

The guy playing the harmonica.

The detachment marching with shovels from the camp.

Drill soldiers, the speech at the stadium.

Soldiers GLAD to post.

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Reel №2

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Douglasdale the Berlin sports hall, where sports festival of the Luftwaffe.

The mass gymnastic exercises of the soldiers landing aircraft troops.

Performances of athletes.

Soldiers standing in two rows, I do Jogging with the coup.

Skydivers perform somersaults on the Mat, jumping from the tower.

Jumping on the tarp, which is held by the comrades at the bottom of the tower.

Speech gymnast on the bar.

In Vienna hosted the founding Congress of the International Union of journalists of the Pro-fascist countries.

Meeting hall, stands Otto Dietrich.

The demonstration in Rome after signing the anti-Comintern Pact.

Mussolini in the car passing on the street through the crowd, goes to the balcony of the Palazzo Vecchio.

See the banner with the faces of Churchill, Stalin and Eden and the words "These three are wanted".


German pilot captain sits in the plane, the fighter flies into the air.

An observation flight of the German squadron over the English channel.

Dogfight with enemy aircraft.

Traces of tracer bullets.

German submarine in the Atlantic.

The storm alarm sounds.

The men walking down from the deck, the submarine descends.

The engine room.

The officer looks through the periscope, the eyepiece seen the enemy ship.

Submarine torpedoes the ship, it sinks.

Scratch that, the boat continues on his way.

The officers at the map.

Alarm, the sailors leave the food to run.

Observers noticed a convoy.

Shooting torpedoes at the ships.

Lights lined the ship's sinking.

The boat rises to the surface, the team on deck.

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