Tonwoche № 547 (1942)

Newsreel №64002, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:45, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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King Michael and Marshal Antonescu attend a religious ceremony of blessing of the water in Bucharest.

They visit a monastery where they are greeted by the priest.

In the courtyard of the troops lined up.

The priest makes the consecration over Mihai.

The stairs of the monastery they go to water, go into it, make ablution.


The distribution of holiday gifts to wounded soldiers in the hospital.

Nurse bandaging the wounded hand.

Go to the chamber officials, girls in national costumes, congratulations to the wounded.

Sports festival on the ice in Riga, on which there is General Director of Latvia Oscar Dancers.

The parade of athletes at the stadium, hang Latvian and German flags.

Couples in national costumes passing on skates, the young men go with the hockey sticks.

Slovak athletes in traditional costumes riding on skates, holding hands crosswise.

Dance skating, the skating in the game "Trickle".

Speech skaters.

Among the spectators many soldiers.

Competition skaters, the hockey competition.

Are the young athletes in skating.

Dancers gives the boy a prize.

The Protectorate Of Moravia.

The Danube river in the ice.

Descent of the barge on the river, it breaks through the ice, leaving a water trail.


Snow drifts in Budapest, working snow machines.

Ski competition in Hungary in the highlands in the military.

Slalom, ski jumping.

Jumping jumping pairs.

Revue in Paris variety theatre.

The variety artists on stage.

Speech Mistinguett with a humorous song.

Output artists variety show in long dresses and huge fans made out of feathers.

The soloist descends the stairs accompanied by men.

School of hairdresser's art in Vienna.

The master demonstrates to the audience the art of styling women's hair.

Different procedures for creating trendy hairstyles.

Female barbers in the great hall of learning cheat curlers, dye her hair, put hairstyles.

Women under hair dryers.

Fashion show hairstyles.

Stockholm in the snow.

From the bridge into the river dumped snow.

On the wall of an old fortress stand in the snow cannon.

Snowstorm in the city, people go, hiding from the snow.

The man shakes off the snow with the muzzle of the horse.

The driver attempts to warm the car engine.

A woman clears snow from the storefront.

The wipers sweep the wide snow shovels.

A passer-by claps his back with his hands.

A man buys the frozen flowers on the street.

From the truck in river dumped snow.

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Reel №2

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Art exhibition in Riga.

Three girls in national costumes watching the picture with the planters.

The sculpture of a naked girl.

Battle paintings.

The Governor-General of Cracow Frank at the exhibition.

Landscapes, busts, sculpture "Mother and child".

Construction of a large dam in Spain.

Working in the pit.

The crane is a concrete slab, it is dipped into the water, where the diver descends to control the setting plate in place.

The funeral of the Reich Minister of armaments and munitions Fritz Todt 8.2.1942 year in Berlin.

Flags at half-mast on the building of the Reich Chancellery, the sentry at the entrance.

The coffin Todt contribute to the building.

The honor guard at the coffin in the hall.

Hitler and Goering walk past the first row, where sat the relatives of the deceased.

Hitler expresses condolences to the widow, relatives, children.

Hitler's speech at the memorial service.

The führer comes to the soldier, holding a cushion with awards Todt, pinning another order.

Soldiers carry a wreath from the führer, Hitler correcting tape.

Goering is with the Marshal's baton.

On the street line up the troops.

Starts the funeral procession through the streets of Berlin, from the Reich Chancellery building relocation coffin placed on gun carriage.

In the funeral cortege behind the coffin are the General-field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, Admiral Raeder, generals, wreaths.

Visit of Marshal ion Antonescu in Germany 11.2.1942. The arrival of the train, meeting with Hitler at the train station.

They sit in the car, go to the rate of the Fuhrer.

The Fuhrer and ion Antonescu in the rate, they are met by the generals.

General Jodl gives a presentation at the map.

Departure Antonescu from Germany, at the station he escorted Goering.

Military action in the Crimea.

German patrol boats in the Harbor of Yalta.

Views of the coast and the city from the sea.

German patrols are on the streets of Yalta, then by the coast.

A sentry on the Wharf.

Romanian and Croatian part of the in the trenches, preparing for battle.

In the crack set machine gun.

The Soviet planes bombing German ships in the Black sea.

The planes hit from a machine gun from the ground.

German artillery firing from guns.

German cameraman shoots the fighting.

German bomber "Stukas" are flying to bomb the Soviet positions in the area of Kerch, overlooking the city below from a plane, down flying bombs.

A German squadron in the English channel in support of the squadron.

Court in hike.

Signalers signal lights and flags.

Alarm on the ship, the men fled.

Fragments of the sea battle of a breakthrough between Dover and Calais.

Shoot naval guns, launch torpedoes.

English planes in the air, it hit German anti-aircraft guns.

English downed aircraft falls into the sea.

The convoy continues its way.

Key words

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