Tonwoche № 550 (1942)

Newsreel №64003, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:04, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Poglavnik (leader) of Croatia, Pavelic is sent to the meeting of the first Parliament, it bypasses troops.

Residents welcomed him, waving flags.

Pavelic accompanied by a detachment from the standard is the stairs in the hall of the Parliament.

He read out the text of the document on cooperation with Italy.

All the deputies rise, clap.


Field Marshal Keitel arrives at Presburg on the train.

At the station a guard of honor.

Government building, Keitel exchanged greetings with the head of administration.

In the car he went to the residence of the President Dr.


Keitel and Tiso shaking hands.

Parade in front of Keitel and Tiso.

Marching infantry, passing horse artillery.

In Riga prepare new staff for industry in the technical College.

Classes for the auto mechanic in the audience.

Physical experiments in the laboratory.

The young man at the remote telephone station.

Classes in mechanical drawing at the Pullman.

The teacher looks at the drawings.

Practical training at the bench.

Classroom learning in mathematics.

Teacher shows the model of the machine.

The guys at car models.

Teenagers tinkering with the bike, fix the details.

Training forge, the boys are taught the necessary skills of forging, welding.

Carpenter's workshop, working with wood, the boys made a wooden frame.

The school library, where Teens can get books on the profession.


Young women and girls sent to work in Germany.

They go to the station with suitcases, smiling.

A girl carries her friends a bottle of milk.

Farewell and boarding the train.

Girls waving from the Windows of cars.

Train hits the road.

Snow drifts in Bucharest, houses and streets in the snow, frozen canal.

Snow covered trees in the Park, on the street there are cars, covered with snow.

Citizens clean snow shovels, dump it from the rooftops.

Cleared for the road going car.

In Paris, the harsh winter caused the icing of streets and squares.

Girl skater riding on the platform of the Palace, opposite the Eiffel tower.

She whirls, slips on the icy railing of the stairs.

Berlin zoo in the winter.

Walrus in the water, walrus crawls ashore, where a servant feeds his fish.

Feeding seals, the lake is surrounded by the audience.

Seal flipper scratches.

Monkeys jumping on the snow.

Chewing camels in a cage.

Elephants go to the site, marking in the snow, go back.

The performance of the Ukrainian dance ensemble on the stage of Lviv Opera.


The reception at the Royal Palace.

Marshal Antonescu was awarded the order.

Congratulations of the officials.


The offensive of the Japanese army in Southeast Asia, troops in Rangoon.

Views of the coast, boats with the locals.

In the port porters.

A large temple in the city.

Intense traffic, ride vehicles, wheeled rickshaws.

The locals, on the street, women sitting, one Smoking a cigar.

Burmese students.

Government building with the English flag.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the French city of Saint cloud, after the English bombing.

Ruins of buildings, firefighters extinguish the flames.

Citizens from the rubble on stretchers carry dead and wounded, crying women.

People are trying to find survivors in the ruins of things, a woman raises men's Shoe, throws it in a heap.

Destroyed hospital ward and in the wreckage, the broken beds.

Nurses survivors gather medical supplies and equipment.


In the dock are working to assemble the submarine.

Individual Assembly operations: welding, plating of the hull steel sheets, rivet, sweep.

The manufacturer of the diesel engine, its Assembly. pnrm. the construction in the dock.

The descent of the submarine into the water.

Port in southern Italy, the Italian soldiers climb aboard, the loading of ammunition and equipment.

The movement of German transport ships under the protection of the Italian torpedo boats in the Mediterranean sea to the coast of Libya.

A storm at sea, the waves flooded the deck is fixed the plane.

Arrival at the port of destination, unloading equipment, weapons, tanks.

Tanks go around the city in the direction of the front.

The Northern section of the front, Finland.

German troops in the village in the house goes clockwise.

A detachment of scouts in camouflage ski out on a mission, they go through the woods, starting a gunfight discovered by the enemy.

In German the position of the observer looking into the pipe, says the opponent, sends a signal bell.

From the dugout the soldiers ran out, take positions.

Gunner shoots, hitting the cannon.

Wrecked Soviet tanks burning in the snow. pnrm. on snow-covered field after the battle, lie dead soldiers.

German soldiers going through the snow falls.

The squad returns to the position.

German soldiers in the offensive.

German artillery fires, mortar near the village.

Burn destroyed homes.

Key words

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