Tonwoche № 556 (1942)

Newsreel №64005, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:31, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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In Agrame, a demonstration and a military parade.

Poglavnik Pavelic takes parade.

Marching a column of German soldiers.

Driving trucks with soldiers, mechanized artillery.

Views of Serbian officers in the crowd.

Demonstration of the population in national costumes.


Marshal Petain called for the cruiser of the "Dunkerque", arrived in Toulon after a major overhaul.

Petain takes place on the ship, with the captain bypasses officers.

Memorial plaque on the ship in memory of the battle of mers-El-Kebir in Algeria on 3-6 July 1940, when the cruiser received heavy damage from the British squadron.

Officers show Peten left on the memory of the breach in the hull, fragments of the projectile.

Marshall made an entry in the logbook of the cruiser on an impressive visit.

Date - March 12, 1942.


Picture of awakening of nature, of melting snow.

Women walk past flowering trees.

Spring cleaning of the peasants from their houses with brooms clean the streets, poured water from a hose.

The woman washes a window, the girl wipes her chair, mistress emboss coat.

Exhibition of applied art in Riga.

Showcase of artistic embroidery on the tablecloths, metallic goods, goods from amber, small plastic.

Ceramic products.

Visitors visiting the exhibition.

The man picks up the wooden box with the carving.

Chess Board with carved figures.

Porcelain figurines.

Home decoration, wooden furniture with carvings, the chandelier.

On the table lay the embroidered napkins, decorative plates.

Storefront with Handicrafts, shop at the people passing by.


A man leads a group of girls in a greenhouse, they perform a variety of work, tied supports for the cucumbers, examine seedlings of tomatoes, hilling soil.

Traditional spring festival the Fallas in Valencia.

On the street go carts with the main characters of the festival - the dolls, which depict in a satirical spirit of the famous politicians, actors, bullfighters, ridiculed human vices, etc.

People in the area consider the dolls on display on the stairs, eating, having fun.

During the festival the streets sound of exploding firecrackers and crackers.

Important ceremony - the offering of flowers to the Basilica with the sculpture of the Holy virgin.

The feast ends with the burning dolls at the square a fire is burning, the sky is decked by fireworks.

On the city race track starts mass marathon athletes continue running in a forest terrain.

Athletes at the finish at the stadium.

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Reel №2

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The President of the Olympic Committee Johannes Siegfried Edstrom presents the Cup to the winner of the race.

Cycling on the route Milan - San Remo.

Moments of the race, along the way there are groups of fans.

Athletes go through the city, in the course of their award packages.

The path follows a mountain road along the waterfront, the final in San Remo.

The Winner Adolfo Leoni.

In the Berlin art exhibition of Portugal.

In the foyer before the audience chamber orchestra performs.

Visitors view the exhibits: paintings, sculpture.

The students ' tour at the front of European countries in the Palace complex Sanssouci in Potsdam.

Students from Spain, France, Croatia, Finland, Legion "Wallonia" see the sights.

A memorial service in the garrison Church of Potsdam, wreaths on the tombs.

In Venice, 10-12 April, 1942, has held the VII international Congress of fascist journalists.


Mark's square, architectural monuments.

The building of the Congress.

The German delegation headed by Otto Dietrich is on St Mark's square, accompanied by the Italian Minister of culture's.

Meeting room in the Doge's Palace, journalists from different countries gathered to discuss issues of European Nations.

Congress opens the Minister's, all applaud.

The Performance Of Dietrich.

View of the square and the column with the winged lion.

The rate of the Fuhrer.

Field Marshal Keitel congratulates Hitler on the occasion of his birthday and shakes his hand.

In a bid to arrive Goering and Himmler come to the generals, Goering shakes hands with Dr.


Hitler comes to Ribbentrop, talking with him.

Admiral Raeder and Hitler, accompanied by other officers walking down the alley of the Park.

A choir of children sings the song in honor of the führer's birthday, the girl plays the accordion.

Hitler comes to children, they bring flowers to the Fuhrer.

The fighting in the Gulf island Suursaari (Gogland).

The movement of German troops across the frozen Bay and on the water, speaking at the ice surface.

Soldiers in camouflage walking on the snow on a sleigh driven service.

The caravan of vehicles traveling on the Pat Bay.

The car runs a cable connection, installation of communication with the shore.

The harbour on the island, the ice froze an abandoned Soviet ship.

ATVs carry guns, gunners deploy them fired at Soviet positions.

The battle at Salla.

German and Finnish skiers-Marines preparing for battle, shooting with the Soviet troops.

Military operations in the Leningrad area.

The trucks drive on dirt road past the village, delivering ammunition and military supplies.

Are horse carts.

Car stuck in the mud, tilted to the side.

Soldiers get stuck on the clay.

Motorcyclists manually pull the bike.

The truck draws to the side.

Over the column of trucks flying aircraft.

Soldiers help to pull the truck out of the mud.

View from a dirty window of the cab on the road.

Kind of ruined the Dnieper.

Into the breach rushes the flow of water.

Organization Todt for the reconstruction of the dam.

Diver descends into water with the welder.

Soldiers shake the pump.

On the works employed local workers. panorama of the restored hydroelectric power station, its engine room.


German soldiers repairing tanks before the fight.

Fighting in Cyrenaica.

German guns firing on the enemy.

Field Marshal Rommel watches the battle through binoculars from the car.

Italian tanks in the counterattack under the cover of artillery.

Destroyed by the British and American tanks.

American soldiers searched the prisoners are soldiers of the colonial troops, the Negro.

German tanks in the attack. .

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