Tonwoche № 559-1 (1942)

Newsreel №64006, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:53, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Representatives of foreign and German press attending the Atelier of the famous German sculptor Arno Breker in the Grunewald (Berlin).

The door opens in the Studio, are examples of monumental art: statues, bas-reliefs and sculptures.

There are sculptors.

Brecker leads visitors at the Studio.


International regatta in Trieste.

Racing yacht at sea.

Win Italian athletes.


Traditional festival in honor of the end of the week of lent in Spain.

Carnival night procession with torches "Funeral sardines".

Carry a huge effigy of the dragon - the personification of the fish eaten on fasting days.

An effigy is burned at the stake.

Bullfighting in Marseille.

In the arena of the young men tease the bull.

Torero stabs the peaks.

Clowns in the arena, playful performance with a bull.

Bull gores clown.

Berlin variety theatre "Skala".

The performance of the Spanish tightrope Walker, he weakly teetering on a tightrope, first on the Board, then without it.

Belgium, France.

The recruitment of Belgian and French citizens to work in Germany.

Posters at the point of recruitment in Antwerp.

Seeing departing to Germany from Antwerp.

General Heydrich is present at the departure of the train.

Check the recruited workers on the exchange in the French city of Dijon. 150000-second Frenchman to emigrate to Germany, he handed the gifts: a suit, a bottle of wine.

The train leaves Dijon.

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Reel №2

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The funeral ceremony at the military cemetery in Riga, crosses with the names of dead German soldiers.

There are soldiers with wreaths and flowers, officers.

Funeral speech of Commissioner Brikama (?).

The German delegation, the soldiers with flowers in their hands.

Close-up of the monument - a huge Nazi Iron cross.

Latvian volunteers in the ranks on the town square.

The speech of the Commissioner.

Solemn passage in front of the podium with the German and Latvian officers.

In Riga an exhibition of German books.

General Commissioner of Latvia Drexler delivers a speech to the public during the exhibition's opening.

At the entrance to the exhibition hangs a portrait of Hitler.

Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" - the spiritual guidance of the nation.

Stand with books on the theme of "Wehrmacht at war".

Visitors visiting the exhibition.

The Book "Faust" Goethe.

Drexler examines the ancient book.

Stand telling about the founding of the German press in the Ostland in Riga in 1588, Torbate in 1631, revel in 1633, in Narva, in 1695.

View on old books.

German officers are examining the books on the stands.

In Riga at the stadium were the athletics competition.

The stands filled the German and Latvian soldiers, the viewers.

Football match.

Running competition among men, then among women with a baton.

German officers handed awards to the winners.

Key words

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