Tonwoche № 570-1 (1942)

Newsreel №64007, 1 part, duration: 0:06:23, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Central sector of the front between the Don and Donets.

The scheme of operations, arrows aimed at Voronezh, Voroshilovgrad, Rostov, surrounded by the army Tymoshenko in the region of Rostov.

The German column moving East, along the dusty road rides mechanized artillery, on the side of the moving carts on horseback.

Marching Romanian soldiers, German Marines, among them visible injuries.

Riding motorcycles, tanks.

Soldiers clearing the road of sand.

Tank rides near the mill.

Tank commander looks through the gap, firing leads.

Burning a Soviet tank.

German gunners at the guns, the gunner shoots.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

German motorcyclists chasing a Soviet soldier on the field.

Convoy of trucks with soldiers on the road.

German troops on the streets of the village, passing armored vehicles and tanks.

On the roadside are Soviet prisoners of war.

Motorized German units go to the don, crossing on pontoons.

Military actions near Rostov.

The massing of German tanks on Rostov.

Captured German anti-tank ditch on the outskirts of Rostov.

The engineers constructing the embankment in the ditch, rammed boots, making a passage for the tanks.

Tank battle on the field, the shooter in the tank.

Soldiers throw mines.

The movement on the armored car, passing Soviet soldiers with arms raised.

Ahead visible to Rostov, the tanks go over the bridge.

The capture of the Soviet bunkers.

The Germans are in the woods.

Index: Rostov-Taganrog-Alatyr.

The Germans are in Rostov, the view of the destroyed houses, the bridge over the river, the railway station.

Soldiers pass on the street, on the way is the tram, on the streets of broken Soviet technology, lies the corpse of the horse.

Some areas of the city, abandoned Soviet tanks, guns.

The Germans escorting a column of prisoners.

Top view of the city and the river in smoke.

June 24 - the capture of Rostov by the Germans.

German soldiers marching in the March, riding technique.

Key words

Eastern front, 1942, world war 2, scheme and artillery, convoys, infantry, tanks, motorcycles, prisoners
Eastern front, 1942, world war 2 tanks, fortifications, sappers, mines, ruins, broken appliances, prisoners

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