Tonwoche № 589-1 (1942)

Newsreel №64010, 2 parts, duration: 0:07:09, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The building of the Palace of modern art in Barcelona, decorated with banners with the swastika.

There is an exhibition of German architecture.

At the entrance of the honor guard are young men from the Spanish phalanx.

Guests pass in the hall, where models of architectural structures in Germany.

The celebrations in Stockholm on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Church of St.

Gertrud in the Old place , founded in the early middle ages to 1642.

The facade of the Church, Church relics, gravestones Swedish kings, ancient manuscripts, printing.

At the solemn service arrives king Gustav V, the members of the Royal family and foreign guests.

The harvest of sugar beet in Europe is very high.

The harvest of early crop of beets in Belgium, in the field adults and adolescents.

Transportation beet sugar factory.

Production processes at the plant, equipped with modern appliances.

Recruitment in one of the villages of Hungary.

Guys in uniform saying goodbye to the girls, with his family.

They go through the village, sit in the cart, they escorted the residents.

The ceremony of bringing recruits sworn in at the village square.

Are the girls in national costumes.

The audience at seeing the peasants welcomed young people, going to the front.

Folk dancing in the square.

On the ice stadium in Berlin Friedrichshain competitions in figure skating 1942-43.

The concert of the famous German skaters Gerda Strauch and Gunter Noaca.

Among the spectators many soldiers.

Pair of Ernst Baier and Maxi Gerbera show a new dance.

In Bucharest held competitions of motorcyclists.

Some moments of the race.

Judges and the audience watching the races.

The winner wearing a Laurel wreath.

The black sea.

A joint operation between the Germans and Romanians into the Black sea mined waters.

Warships on the high seas.

Deytviya sappers on Board during operations

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Reel №2

Map of the Mediterranean, France, Italy.

The advance of the German motorized units on French coastal areas.

Cars go in the direction of the Riviera.

Journey through the city of Perpignan.

Equipment and machinery suited to the Spanish border.

The border crossing, across the road stretched a rope, the German armored vehicles stop at an obstacle.

The view of the sea.

Exchange greetings with the Spanish guards.

The German sentry on the background of mountains. pnrm. on the Pyrenees and the sea.

German artillery gun mounted on the coast.

German soldier-observer.

Of the Soviet Union.

The battle of Stalingrad.

Air attack on the city.

Dropping heavy bombs.

Explosions on the ground.

The ruins of the city.

The shelling of the city.

Artillery fires with the purpose of suppressing nests of resistance.

German soldiers fire rifles from behind cover.

Single Soviet prisoners of war.

The German soldiers perdisco,lunch

Of the Soviet Union.

Southern sector of the Soviet-German front.

The battle for mount Elbrus.

A detachment of German skiers-scouts on the job.

Climb to the top.


Display of the terrain through binoculars.

Return to their troops with a report.

Anxiety on the German positions.

Artillery fire

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