Tonwoche № 602 (1943)

Newsreel №64014, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:20, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In Bucharest in the presence of king Mihai 1, Marshal Antonescu and the members of the Cabinet held a religious ceremony of blessing of the water in the army.

The priest blesses the king and Antonescu, sprinkles them with Holy water.

Mihai throws in the water cross, it gets out of the water a man in a long shirt that gives the king, he kisses the cross.

The parade of troops.

A religious ceremony in Zagreb.

The Croatian army headed by the priests walking down the street, he welcomed the residents.

In the Church is service.

The ship "Juan sebastián Elcano" Spanish naval school of San Fernando makes a training flight to Argentina.

On Board up the crew and sailors.

The sailors on deck before the officers.

Lift anchor, mourners waving from the shore.

Sailboat in the sea.


Savoy Alps, the funicular to rise to 2,600 metres, cable car, cableway, cabin with skiers.

Directly from the open hatch on the bottom of the cab skier jumps down into the snow along the rope.

Competition skiers of Sweden and Switzerland, slalom.

Competition skiers of Sweden and Switzerland, slalom.

Competition skiers of Sweden and Switzerland, slalom.

Competition skiers of Sweden and Switzerland, slalom.

The racetrack in nice.

Palm trees in front of the Hippodrome is a lot of bikes.

The race for the Big prize of the Riviera 1943.

The emotions of the audience.

Dance school in Berlin.

Girls doing acrobatics, doing flips, coups.

The girls take a shower, make massage.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Famous worldwide engines of Rudolf Diesel.

The first Diesel engine located in Denmark.

Demonstration of the motor.

The Province Of Yunnan.

Operations of Japanese parts vs tunkinskij troops.

Go to the Japanese troops, residents welcomed them.

Buddhist Lama greets Japanese.

In the province of Chekiang conducted a RAID against tunkinskij guerrillas in the jungle.

Japanese soldiers make their way in the rocks.

The Japanese attack, firing a grenade launcher, a gun.

Marching a squad with a Japanese flag.

Another area cleared of bandits.

In the province of Sanci the Japanese make the trek into the mountains to a height of 3 thousand meters.

Tucked away in the gorge of the Chinese attack the Japanese, there is a fight.

The aim of the Japanese - clean Asia from the Communists.

German tank regiment in reserve position on the field of cacti.

The rest of the soldiers, they shave, eat, read the letter.

The attack in Tunisia.

German tanks in the Atlas mountains.

Soldiers clearing the way for tanks.

German grenadiers go forward.

The battle at Sidi, Buci, the view through the gap of the tank.

A tank battle with the British and American tanks.

Burning tanks on the side of the road.

Surrendering to American and British soldiers, looking at them the German tank crews.

A group of American infantry vehicles were surrounded.

Marshal Rommel is going through the cactus field to the stricken tanks, looking at the wreckage of a British tank.

Rewarding 19-year-old soldier of the SS units of Gerardus Mooijman Legion of Walloon volunteers the order of the Iron cross.

One day he shot down 7 Soviet tanks and by evening 6.

The Caucasus.

Off the coast of Novorossiysk foiled attempt of Soviet troops to a landing.

German coastal battery prepares for battle, the gunners uncover guns.

Gun fires at enemy troops, ferries, and ships.

Fighting with Soviet units landed on the shore.

There are street fights.

The Germans were combing the woods.

Soviet troops defeated.

On the shore lay broken ferries, guns, trucks and tanks in the water.

Key words

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Eastern front, 1943, world war 2, troops, artillery, street battles, broken appliances

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