Tonwoche № 630 (1943)

Newsreel №64023, 1 part, duration: 0:09:16, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Troops take an oath of allegiance to the young king Simeon II, portrait of the king on the gun carriage.

First swear allegiance to the Prince Cyril, brother of the late king, and military Minister mikhov, they pass by the priest, kissed the flag.

In connection with the events in Italy in Zagreb held a Grand manifestation of the Croatian people, who expressed their allegiance to poglavnik will Pavelich.

Go down the street soldiers, population.

Ante Pavelic addresses the nation with a speech in which thanked Germany for the support given her in the creation of an independent Croatian state.

Pavelic passes through the crowd of people.

The arrival of new German reinforcements to the North of Italy.

Go with armored soldiers, cavalry, horse-drawn implements.

Field Marshal Rommel meets troops.

The announcer says that the German armed forces for their swift action prevented the fulfillment of the terms of surrender signed by the Badoglio.

German troops occupied a large number of major Italian cities.

German soldiers pass through the town of Recio, the population observes the movement of troops.

The occupation by the Germans Pavia, riding cars with soldiers and tanks.

Troops on the way to Milan, the trucks drive past the arc de Triomphe, going through the city, the people watching them.

Fighting Rome, street fighting in one of the suburbs of the capital.

Gunners shoot in the city explosions can be seen.

Troops of Badoglio surrender, German soldiers entered Rome.

The soldiers at the German Embassy, looking out the window woman.

Woman surrounded by soldiers, one of them gets out of the jacket of a soldier kitten, stroking it.

Cars driving past the Colosseum.

The first shots of the liberation of Mussolini.

Group of case teams, sent by order of the führer for the liberation of the Duce is going on a plateau.

Squad of paratroopers from the division of Kurt student ordered to take a monorail station in the valley, which is the only access road from the mountain plateau Gran Sasso.

Paratroopers with the soldiers of the security service of the SS troops land on impassable mountain range.

They rush to the building of the hotel which was signed by Mussolini.

Duce released, he is surrounded by German soldiers.

The monorail station in the valley on the radio reported about the release of Mussolini.

The cable car to the top of the mountain rises a backup.

Duce sits in a light aircraft together with the commander of the SS Otto Skorzeny.

The plane takes off from the mountain plateau and flies in the main rate of the Fuhrer, where Mussolini will have to stay a few days.

Hitler meets with Mussolini's aircraft.

To Duce, his son Vittorio, kisses father.

Mussolini and Hitler sit in the car, go to bet.

The building they are greeted by Ribbentrop.

After a few days of stay at a rate of Mussolini leaving Germany.

Hitler escorted him to the plane.

The announcer says that Mussolini in his address to the Italian people called for his faithful followers again to take up arms and together with Germany, Japan and other allied Nations to continue the struggle until the final victory.

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